Oh what a summer!

In April 2006, we graduated from Brigham Young University.BYU Graduation

We spent the summer at SmugMug HQ in California. Scott surprised me with fabulous trip to Maui at the breath-taking Napili Kai Beach Resort, where we stayed for 10 nights. No pictures, sorry. You’d think that the sister of SmugMug’s CEO and the daughter of SmugMug’s President would have remembered a camera!

Leia gigglingAfter that, it was a summer of fun in the sun with my twin niece and nephew. Here, they are cooling off with wet paper towels.



Sweet Leia, giggling, while her brother Logan looks intently at the camera.Logan looking pensive







My favorite three yellow labs had quite a time at the beach :
Cobi LOVES big sticks

Cobi with a big stick!

Jedders is just a puppy still so he has his small stick

Jedders is just a puppy so he contents himself with a puppy-sized stick.

Cibo, sadly, swallowed too much salt water and his beach pictures would make you want to lose your lunch.

Also part of our summer: a couple of triathlons and an epic trip to Europe. More on those to come, but for now, here are pictures of Europe and pictures of the half-iron relay Scott and I did together, Caliman, and pictures of the half-ironman I did solo, Barb’s Race!



About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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