I’ve got stud genes

So, I believe I mentioned before that my Dad is a triathlete.

My dad, giving his fans some time.

Well, he is now an IronMan three times over. I guess the two IronMan races he’d done previously didn’t bring on enough pain. This one did.

My dad was trashed!

To put this in perspective, let’s keep in mind that his first ever Iron distance triathlon, the CaliMan 2004, was at the age of 50. Ouch! This picture makes him look more like 30, though. I guess triathlon IS good for something. 😉

Looking fit at 50

From the race:


That’s a little more accurate. A lot of pain and perseverance and a little help from a few of his (many) fans!

The following year, he got hit by a truck. I’m not kidding… I wish I was. Three weeks before his IronMan, he was riding his bike in the hills and got pwned by a pickup truck. This was the result:

Baldy got owned by a truck

I’m told the photo doesn’t do the damage justice. He had a fractured skull and still looks a little funny, years later (just kidding, Dad!). Anyway, the race directors wouldn’t let him participate without a swim cap, but he was determined to compete. Come race day, he looked a LOT better.

Looking almost totally healed!

I guess faster healing is yet another perk of being a triathlete.
He beat his previous time, even with this (major) set-back.

Clearly, my dad is hardcore.

My brother is one of his bigger fans and talked him into choosing Nevada’s Silverman for his next conquest.

As if it isn’t bad enough to do a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run… in a ROW… Silverman features 9,700′ of elevation gain on the bike and 3,800′ on the run. And as a special surprise, a grueling wind gave the lake whitecaps and added over an hour to his bike ride.

Dad and buddy Scott

He and his friend both survived the day and my dad even won 2nd place in his age group, with nice swag and a trophy to show for it. Um… more genes, please? Thanks.

You can read his comments and see some more pictures here.


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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2 Responses to I’ve got stud genes

  1. zappoman says:

    Wow! Silverman sounds insane! Congrats to your Dad on being an Ironman3x.

    I just became an Ironman1x. I had ran into a parked car (yes, I know that’s stupid) and messed up my bicep and ribs about a month before the race and the course I did only had 5,500+ ft of ascent, I thought I had a compelling story. But your Dad’s story blows mine away.

    Tell him I gave a shout out to him!


  2. I wish I had that in MY family…


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