In which Anne catches up (briefly) on two weeks of serious adventure.

A week ago Friday, Scott and I went to a hoppin’ tailgate party for The Big Game. It featured this luscious red velvet cake and lots of good times. I think the highlight may have been when Scott and I showed up wearing our BYU sweatshirts. Who woulda thunk that everyone else down to the smallest baby would be clad in buckeye scarlet and grey? Not us… or maybe we didn’t think at all? Hey, we’re new to Columbus.

Saturday morning, Scott and a few of his buddies moved a gorgeous (and free!) piano into our living room. More on this in a later post, I promise.

To sum up The Big Game, We Beat Mich-again!
My friend Lisa posted rad pictures and commentary on the game here. This is good because although Scott and I caught most of the game, we were mainly busy getting ready to see the fabulous King Singers in concert. With two counter-tenors and a great selection of music it was an unforgettable evening. I still get chills and shivers (the good kind) thinking about it. To partake of the post-game fervor, we did drive (very slowly) through downtown after the concert.

That very night, at 1 am, my brother and sister-in-law phoned to casually let me and Scott know… that we would be coming to CA for Thanksgiving in two days!!! They had pitched in with my parents to buy round-trip tickets last-minute. Scott just about fell on the floor and I was dancing around nervously for a solid hour after the phone call. We had thought we’d be doing a “Thanksgiving dinner for two”, but instead.. we got to spend 5 days with my family enjoying the CA weather and fun. Wow.

Monday night we helped surprise our friend Anita for her birthday and made some new friends and played a great Rook-based game called Pounce! It’s pretty similar to Nertz (described here) and I got a laugh reading the first paragraph of the description.

While in CA, I romped with the dogs, hiked with my Mom, helped to cut down and decorate the Christmas tree at my parents’ house, made a mean fruit salad (I *highly* recommend topping fruit salad with pomegranite seeds. They were a fabulous touch.), ran a 10k Turkey trot, played Wii to my heart’s content, and worked to re-win over my niece’s and nephew’s hearts.

Scott also ran the 10K, Wii’ed it up, played some video games, debated the merits of The China Study, raked all the leaves in my parents’ yard (only to have many more fall the next day… sorry Babe!), and shaved his “scruff”. So, you can breathe easier Kristin. 🙂

Thanksgiving day was epic and is best described in Liz’s post.

Liz’s birthday was our last day in CA and we enjoyed one last family dinner and Wii-fest before we left!

The final, and least-fun, thing that happened in the past couple of weeks is that I managed to catch The Dreaded Gamboo from my brother while we were in CA. Bummer.


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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One Response to In which Anne catches up (briefly) on two weeks of serious adventure.

  1. Meghan says:

    Sorry about the Dreaded Gamboo Anne! But Mark is the one who missed out on Cafe Riace, so don’t you think he’s been punished enough?


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