Quick trip to Baltimore

So, last weekend I ended up taking a short (24 hour total) business trip to Baltimore, Maryland. As with all business trips, it was a great excuse to hang out with family.

I met my dad at the airport and we decided we’d better ride in style. So, we rented a PT Cruiser. Now, my sister-in-law calls these cars PT Losers, and she’s probably right. But hey, how many chances do you get to cruise around Baltimore with your dad in a sparkly purple PT Loser Cruiser?

Besides, my dad is a stud no matter what he drives:

Too bad you can’t see the car too well there, it does look quite striking with his red SmugMug hat. 🙂

Even the gear shift had a bit of character:

As it turns out, my Aunt Robin lives in Maryland and so we had a great chance to spend some time with her. She is such a fun lady and I’m lucky to work with her at SmugMug. She and her dog Mr. Scruff gave us a warm welcome into their home.

After the business meeting was over, we went out to a lovely dinner in Bethesda. My dad had a great time with my “happy snappy” camera. He usually brings his hard-core camera everywhere, but he didn’t bother with such a short trip.

(Mr. Scruff is in that picture too, at least in spirit. Check out my aunt’s pin on her shirt. 🙂 )

Because my dad and I eat often and much, after dinner we headed back to my Aunt’s house for some late-night irish oatmeal and dark chocolate. She had quite a fine stash!

Finally, a picture for my mom… because she loves horses:

About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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2 Responses to Quick trip to Baltimore

  1. Jessica Nye says:

    You’ve definitely perked my interest in Cirque du Soleil! I hope to be able to go sometime. And I just wanted to wish you the best of luck in your lifelong quest to own a dog WHILE being married to Scott Bean.


  2. Aunt Robin says:

    Nice blog! It was absolutely wonderful to see you, and I love the way the pictures turned out.


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