Dup dup dup dup dup

So, Scott and I went to The Doctor on Friday, eager to hear Baby Bean’s heartbeat for the first time. She looked at my belly and felt around and told me my uterus was growing “very well” and was “pretty high up already”. Then she busted out the doppler and started cruising around in search of the heartbeat.

For the first minute or so, she assured us that with “babies this small” it’s tricky to locate the heartbeat sometimes. After a few more minutes went by, the tension in the little examination room grew. At one point, I heard a “whoosh, whoosh” and I got a huge silly smile on my face. “Oh, that’s actually YOUR heartbeat,” she said apologetically. I glanced over at Scott and saw he was gripping his chair and starting to look worried. She went over and over my belly, up and down, left and right. Nothing.

Finally, she moves the doppler dramatically lower, and presses down quite firmly, tucking it right up underneath my bone. “DUP DUP DUP DUP DUP”. Apparently our baby was chillin’ head down in a far reach of my uterus and his heart was beating along just waiting for us to find it. Big grins from Scott and I and a nice long time to listen to that beautiful sound before we settled down enough to finish the appointment with the usual round of questioning.


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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6 Responses to Dup dup dup dup dup

  1. You’d think I’d have gotten tired of the “dup dup dup” sound after months of “dup, dup, dupping” in the hospital… but, nope – I still love it!

    We’ve been trying to find our heartbeat w/ a stethoscope but haven’t had any luck (I guess the earliest you can hear it that way is at 20 wks?). Still tempting to rent a fetal doppler. 😉


    P.S. It still sounds like a boy to me.


  2. macpeanut says:

    Hooray! How unfortunate that you had to be scared there for a few minutes, but I’m sure it made hearing that wonderful sound all the more exciting when you did. I remember when we heard Reese’s it’s the first time in my pregnancy I felt a little maternal. You’ll think it’s the greatest sound ever, but just wait until you hear that baby cry for the first time:)!

    I’m so excited to have another niece or nephew! I’m with Liz on this one. I think it’s a boy:)


  3. Just wanted to say congratulations on the expanding family… We have 3 daughters and even though they are in the Teen years… I would never change that part of my life and reading your post reminds me of each of our girls and the being born… great times… wonderful memories! Best to all of you!



  4. Jillian Jefferies says:

    Hey Anne! Its me your most favorite roommate you’ve ever had besides Scott. So I was wondering how you, Scott, Mark, and Megan were all doing so I thought I’d look up smugmug and to my wonderful surprise I find out your expecting! Congrats I bet you both are so excited. As you can tell from the different last name I got married about a year and a half ago and I’m acutally living in Idaho of all places. Who would have thought, most definitely not me thats for sure. I’ll have to keep checking your blogs to see see how your doing and we need to keep in touch because I’ve totally miss you.


  5. Mark says:

    Holy crap Jillian! I’ve been trying to get in contact with you for a while. You’re a tough one to track down.

    Grats on the marriage. Please tell me you made out with the guy on your first date!

    Send me an email! mark at smugmug


  6. Bart Miller says:


    Hey, although I think it’s a little geeky that you blog (you are a geek, however, so I guess it makes sense), atleast it allowed me to find you!!!
    OHIO STATE???!!!! Are you kidding me??!! Your SO luck I didn’t know that! I have two words for you …”GO GATORS!”
    I’m attending PA school at the University of Florida. You know, the National Champions of the Football and Basketball Universe, eat buckeyes for lunch, Florida Gators!!
    Congrats on the baby. I remember the first time I heard the heart … however I remember the ultrasound even more. The US nurse turned to us and said, “It’s twins.” My life has been crazy ever since and we love our twin boys that are now 18 months old, do the Gator chomp, wrestle with there dad, and are learning new words every day.
    I won’t bore you too much now, but I would love to hear from you. I am on a geriatrics rotation right now that is the biggest joke ever, so I have time to communicate before surgery starts next month.
    In case this doesn’t show my email … bartmiller15@gmail.com!!

    Later Gator bait!!


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