My family fix

So, we saw Scott’s family and we also spent a week with mine.

I instantly fell in love with my brand-new niece Reese.

And….. now you know why! πŸ™‚

I spent lots of kidlet time with my other niece and nephew as well. They are so much fun stomping around and discovering things (this is the first time I’d seen them walking on their own). We went to play in water fountains at a park and my brave little niece loves superman sliding down the “big” slide at the playground. My nephew has taken to blowing kisses that just melt your heart.

My brother, Ben, discovered a heretofore hidden talent of BBQing fantastic fish on cedar planks and I managed to grill up some delicious pineapple and corn on the cob as well. These are tricky because you have to remember to put them on the grill and then take them off when they’re done. Ok, so they’re dead-simple and delicious and that’s why I love ’em! I just ripped off the visible corn silk and cut the pineapple into long wedges with the rind still on and threw ’em on the grill. The pineapple until it changed color a bit and started to carmelize. The corn until the husks were charred. I think it was probably 7 minutes for the pineapple and 20 minutes for the corn. Yum yum.

Scott and I took a few trips up to Berkeley to get him new orthotics for his running shoes and invited my sister-in-law, Meg, to come along. To our surprise, she said yes and had Reese packed up and ready to go on 10 minute notice. Cool!

A tour of the Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory was the first stop, and boy let me just tell you:

Moving right along.

So here are some pictures from the tour:

(This is important, because those nibs are especially delicious.)

Mmmm beans!

Mmmm Bean in a hairnet! I mean…

Chocolate-dipped ginger.

Chocolate coming off the line. (And Anne is drooling, though that wasn’t captured on film.)

Free samples are always the best part. You’re looking at milk, “nibby”, 62% dark, 70% dark, and 82% dark. And, a fresh hairnet, don’t worry. πŸ™‚

I also visited their marvelous cafe, which visit may or may not have involved drinking the best hot chocolate I’ve had in my life and eating a gooey chocolate chip cookie. Hey, Scott likes the baby belly, I’m just trying to give him more to like. πŸ˜‰

Next up, a stroll down College Ave. in Berkeley. We stopped at a fun toy shop where they actually sell a product called “Perfect Petzzz”, which is actually a stuffed dog who “breathes” in and out while he sleep. That’s it. And as Scott says, they’re “creepy” as well as pointless. I thought he’d at least give them bonus points for not shedding in the house.


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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One Response to My family fix

  1. macpeanut says:

    Reese has been telling me for a few days now how much she misses her Auntie Anne and she says if you don’t come back to visit soon she may have to pick a new favorite aunt. Just letting you know so you can’t blame me when your title as the “coolest auntie” in the world gets passed on to someone else….


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