Call me “Black Cat”

Ok, so I may have mentioned previously that my family’s company, SmugMug, take some very interesting portraits of the employees. The way it works is, uh, um, well… EveryoneGetsPaintedAsASuperHero. Whew, that was hard to admit.

No, actually I thought the idea was very fun and I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures.


I visited headquarters in CA and had to step up and get my own face painted. Woah. Fun, but the pictures are a bit… um… incriminating?

Officially, I am dressed up as Black Cat, a love interest of Spiderman (other than Kirsten Dunst, I guess). Someone jokingly suggested a dog collar for Scott and thus I bring you… Anne’s Most Embarrassing Blog Post To-Date:

Is it too late for a disclaimer? Yeah, probably.

I even left the house looking like this.

Perhaps worst of all, I know for a fact I scared my darling little nephew because I took him to Costco when I was all painted and he just eyed me warily the whole time. His twin sister clearly dug my look because she was all smiles. She may have sniggered a bit behind my back, but I can handle that from an 18 month-old. 🙂


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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4 Responses to Call me “Black Cat”

  1. Kristin says:

    Wow! I thought that the Scott’s eyeball exploding post was the best, but then you went and topped yourself. I’m officially helping mom make her Christmas letter this year just so we can use that picture of you and Scott. I hardly recognized you! I hope you use this picture again for a “Before Children/ After Children” post in the future. Love it!


  2. LJ says:

    Those are amazing make-up jobs. Your house must be very interesting around Halloween!


  3. lisa h. says:

    yeah, this is a little scary! i can’t believe you went to COSTCO too! i’m seeing you in a whole new light!!


  4. beanland says:

    Well, so.. the Costco part wasn’t really my choice. It is tradition to keep the make-up on for a whole day. Go back to work, out to lunch, etc. as a super hero. Well, my day was a movie and playing with my niece and nephew at Costco. So naturally, I went as Black Cat. 🙂


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