Oh boy…

We’re having a girl! 🙂

Anne Bean II is well on her way. She’s already got a big head and quite a sassy profile.

Pictures will come soon… we got a lot of good ones. The Dr. is absolutely positive she’s a she and labeled three separate photos and included arrows indicating the evidence. We won’t be posting THOSE pictures, however. A girl’s gotta have some privacy, ya know?

We’re thrilled, of course, though I’m a little nervous about entering the foreign territory of hair bows and dollies. I was a ninja-turtle kid myself and was not a fan of dress-wearing:

To my mom’s credit, she persisted in buying me purples and pinks, but I was much more likely to be out scraping my knees than I was to be inviting stuffed animals in for a cup of tea.

In other ultrasound news, the heart, brain, etc. all look good. She’s a mover and shaker already. This was no surprise to me because I feel her all day long now (and Scott even felt her for the first time a few days ago). However, it was still nice to have the Dr. exclaim “woah, this baby just won’t sit still! She was head-down three seconds ago and suddenly she’s breech!” 🙂

I do have what looks to be placenta previa, but my Dr. is optimistic that things can still change in the next month or so. I’ll have another ultrasound in 7 weeks and that will determine whether I’ll have to be really careful for the rest of pregnancy and have an automatic C-section. I’m hoping my placenta will get its act together before then! 🙂


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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7 Responses to Oh boy…

  1. Kristin says:

    Yippee! I was right! I’m so excited for you guys. Little Anne is going to be darling, whether she likes dresses or not. As for your placenta previa, I wouldn’t worry too much. I had it too, but it corrected itself and I was able to deliver Ethan naturally. Again, major congrats and know I’m on the look out for ridiculously frilly dresses and head bands for you!


  2. Liz says:

    We’re so excited for you guys. Don’t forget, you did do some “girly things” as a kid:

    My Little Ponies & Cookie Baking?



    I think she’s going to be just fine. 😉 And, btw, I don’t blame you for hating to wear dresses like those. 😉 Although, I guess back then, that was “the style”, eh? 🙂


  3. Jessica says:

    Awesome! Our little girls can kick the soccer ball around with each other! And I cannot get over those photos of you…absolutely adorable.


  4. LJ says:

    Very cool. ANd who’s to say that Baby Sassy isn’t going to come out with a couple kung-foo kicks herself. You didn’t – she may not either. Either way – you’ll love her just the same.


  5. chadpackard says:

    Congrats! Here’s to another bobe-in-the-making! Go Tom-girls! You were one DANG cute little girl! I have to lol at the pic of you in the dress. I was exactly the same way!

    this is Anna, btw, not chad. 🙂 Although I also hope Chad didn’t like wearing dresses. 😉


  6. lisa h. says:

    congrats! oh, a little girl will be just wonderful! and may i just say, you were such a cute kid! hehe, even with the pink dress & frowny face! hope next month will bring good news and you won’t have to be on bedrest or anything.


  7. macpeanut says:

    Darn! I would have bet money you were having a boy and I was wrong!

    But yay that you are having a girl! It will be so fun for all our girls to get together and play! I always wanted girl cousins my age, but I only had one cousin close to my age and he was a year and a half younger and a boy.

    Don’t worry, I firmly believe that kids are born with their personality, and your baby will be a girlie or tom-boyish as she is supposed to be, regardless of how girlie her mommy is. She’ll be adorable either way!


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