Another healthy recipe – Dirty rice and beans

There’s a bit of a hubbub over at my work about “whole plant foods” and quite a few SmugMug customers started asking questions about why my family (and many co-workers) made the diet changes we did.

It led to several healthy recipes being posted, including one I just ate for lunch, the dirty rice and beans: SmugMug gallery .

Here’s the post I wrote that explains how I made the recipe (it’s a bit different): dgrin post.

If you want the whole story and all the Q&A that’s been going on, you can start at the beginning: .

But, here are the highlights for me:

My co-worker started eating whole plant foods in January (a big change for him) and loves every bit of ’em. He’s lost 50 lbs and counting, feels great, and this post has a lot of meal and snack ideas that work for him: here .

My dad’s philosophy, in a nut-shell: here .

My philosophy, in a (bit wordier) nut-shell: here.


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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One Response to Another healthy recipe – Dirty rice and beans

  1. I made this recipe Thursday night. SO YUMMY. And tonight we made your chili recipe. I love the recipes you posted. Thanks for sharing them!!


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