Irresponsible Gardening

Well, I would have to call our first attempt at growing veggies a success. Thanks to Scott’s optimism and perseverance, we produced more tomatoes than the evil squirrel could eat.

We’ve been “in basil” for months now, using it liberally in pastas and bruschetta. I feel so decadent using handfuls of it because it’s so expensive at the store! Our small “gardener’s delight” tomatoes have been producing 6-12 beautiful tomatoes a day. This is enough for Scott to munch on them whenever he wants (I’m not a huge raw tomato fan) and I get to grind ’em up with balsamic vinegar to put on my salads.

Our bigger tomatoes were a source of frustration, but the squirrel is now fat and happy and we’ve had plenty to eat ourselves as well. Today we were even able to give a tomato to our friends. True, it was just one tomato but the fact that we had grown more than we could eat ourselves was very satisfying.

Our crookneck squashes grew one at a time during the beginning of the summer, but the plant has since decided it’s more important to look impressive than to actually produce anything useful. My current theory is that we gushed too much over the first small squash and we gave the plant a bit of an ego trip. Next year, we’ll have to teach our squash that one good growth does not an excellent squash plant make.

These photos are from the middle of July and the plants have literally tripled in size since then. Our backyard now looks like a jungle and if I hadn’t started blogging at 9pm, I would run out and take a picture right now. I would call it “The Day the Plants Conquered the World… Beginning with the Bean’s Backyard”. No longer can you pass through our backyard without leaping and dodging and a good bit of luck. It began with Scott’s soft heart: “Cage our tomato plant? Honey, it’s had such a hard life… let’s give it a little breathing room”. Then came the Morning Glory with its seductive purple flowers. What’s not to love? Never mind that it’s wound itself around our back gate to the point where we have to plead our case before it will permit us to pass.

Scott and I, proud parents of the jungle just look out our back door and sigh. We grew something! Yes, we will be the kind of parents whose crazy kids run amok while the parents look on proudly. (Kidding…)

As if that’s not enough, the squash on one side of our yard is now fraternizing with the tomatoes from the other side of the yard. They rendezvous in the middle of the patio despite our consistent warnings that squash and tomatoes can never be more than just friends. We predict things will only end in tears, as the fall is quickly approaching. Summer love can be so cruel.


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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3 Responses to Irresponsible Gardening

  1. Paul C says:

    I am soooo envious right now! We’ve had an atrocious summer over here in the UK, and my tomatoes have not exactly taken kindly to being drowned. What is now, September? Most of them are still tiny little green things! The ones that have managed to take off have been spectacular to eat though…


  2. Lori Walker (Meghan's mom) says:

    Ha,Ha,Ha, loved the description of your garden and it’s tremendous growth. I’m sure people would have thought I had lost it if they could have heard me gushing to my plants in the early growth stages “What good little plants. Just look at you grow. You are getting so big,”etc etc. I was always amazed that anything ever even came up. And then they would literally take over the earth.


  3. Jessica says:

    You are very funny Anne…very much enjoyed that blog. I promise your dishes are coming back to you…they have been sitting (all clean) on the counter for a week now. Ugh. Sorry about that. Maybe when we bring them I can take a glance at your backyard!


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