The House of the Sun

Did I mention we went to Maui and had a fabulous time? We did. 🙂

My dad brought his camera, so the photos are stellar but they are also slow in surfacing. He usually likes to wait a while, delete all but the best ones, and color-correct the best of the best before he lets anyone see them. This time around, however, he took one look at the photos of me in a maternity tankini and snorkel gear and handed the laptop over. “You choose,” he said. I guess the pressure of choosing the most flattering photos of THAT bunch was too much for him. 😉

I chose, he color-corrected, and I’m still waiting for the photos to make their grand appearance.

However, he put a few up already of his epic bike ride up Haleakala, Maui’s “House of the Sun” volcano.

It Begins

We rented my dad a road bike and dropped him off in Paia, a town near the base of the volcano:

Scott and I actually have a bit of a soft spot for Paia. I suppose it boils down to a really good croissant we ate there a year and half ago, which is a silly reason to like a town in my opinion. So, here are three other reasons to like Paia:
1) It is the windsurfing capital of the world.
2) You can buy a picnic lunch there and rent a dog to enjoy it with.
3) In addition to delicious croissants, it is also the home of a wicked cranberry oatmeal muffin.

After strolling around Paia and sampling baked goods, my mom, Scott and I drove up the switchbacks and literally into the clouds. It was chilly and “foggy” up at the top of Haleakala and Scott was shocked to find that he got a terrible sunburn while hiking around up there. It *is* called the House of the Sun, I pointed out afterwards. He was known as Peely Dan for the rest of the trip.


Something like six hours after we ditched him in Paia, my dad rounded a bend near the visitor’s center:

What a stud! Here he is passing 10,000 feet at the summit:

He arrived chilly and exhausted and unfortunately all we had to offer him in the way of sustenance was sweatshirt and some cold broccoli. Who was in charge of packing snacks?! 🙂

Who DOES that kind of thing?

So, if you’ve ever been to Maui, you know there are dozens of companies who specialize in taking tourists on bike rides down the volcano. They pick you up in a van, drive you to the top, and then send you down on an old school 1-speed with back-pedal brakes. Oh, and you pay somewhere around $100 to do it. Scott and I did this our first trip to Maui and quite enjoyed the sunset and the leisurely descent on bikes. It was a fun way to see some sights. This time around, we drove past lots of groups of bikers as they were coming down the mountain.

With this in mind, it shouldn’t surprise me that my dad stopped to get a drink of water at a rest stop part-way up the mountain and was chatted up by a curious tour bus rider. This man saw that my dad was all geared up and on a bike and was apparently quite impressed with his gumption.

Then came the key question, “So, how long does it take to ride down the mountain, anyway?”

“Oh!” My dad replied, “I’m not riding down the mountain. I’m riding up it.”

The man hurried back to the bus and shepherded other tourists over to see the crazy man. The crowd was still gaping when my dad hopped on his bike and continued on his way.

It’s vacation stories like that and photos like this that remind me all over again what a cool dad I have:

Others take the well-beaten, easy path down the mountain and look out at life through a tour bus window. My dad gets out there and finds adventure (and eats his cold broccoli with a smile on his face).

Happy 54th birthday Papa!


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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One Response to The House of the Sun

  1. macpeanut says:

    I know just what you mean, Anne. I feel so lucky to be a part of this family and have Baldy for a FIL. It’s amazing to be able to have conversations with and hear stories from such an amazing man who has done so much in his life thus far. He’s so inspiring. I only hope I am so adventurous at 54!


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