My, what a beautiful tree!

We decided my belly photos would be best taken next to our gorgeous Christmas tree. I think it looks slimming… hehe. Well, at least a bit distracting. πŸ™‚

First, let me just tell you how thrilled I am about our Christmas tree.

I grew up with fresh Christmas trees. Some of my favorite memories of growing up involve going to the mountains and cutting down the tree with my family, smelling the tree all month when you walk past it in the house, and decorating it with homemade ornaments and lots of lights.

In recent years, my family’s tree has been in the neighborhood of 15 feet and we’ve decorated it with photos instead of just traditional ornaments. As you can imagine, the cutting down of such a tree and hauling it back to the house, not to mention anchoring it to the wall, decorating it, etc. makes for quite an adventure.

This year, with nieces and nephews and yellow labs in tow, my family drove up to our favorite tree farm (the one at the very very end of a very long and winding road) and hauled home four trees. Two for brothers, one for the office, and one huge one for my parents’ house.

This Christmas is my very first one away from my family and for some reason, missing out on the Christmas tree excitement made me pretty homesick. I thought if we could recreate a similar even here in Columbus (driving to the mountains, cutting down our own tree, wrangling it onto the roof of the car, decorating it with photos, etc.)… it would make me miss home less. Well, eventually I came to my senses and realized Ohio doesn’t have mountains. And I’m very pregnant and no good at all at wrangling Christmas trees in my current state.

So Scott and I started our own tradition: We took a coupon to a parking lot where there was a makeshift tree stand set up. The trees looked pretty pathetic, unfortunately, but we found a gorgeous one lying on its side waaaay in the back. Apparently it had been deemed too beautiful to sell. πŸ˜‰

I had made sure we had plastic for the top of the car, heavy duty rope, etc. in preparation for tree wrangling. Instead, we handed a nice man our coupon and he baled our tree, used a piece of rope he had on hand to tie it to the roof of our car in less than a minute with a simple knot, and sent us on our way. I was in shock, and even felt a bit deprived due to the lack of wrangling involved in the process.

However, when we got the tree set up in our family room, and I started decorating it, all was right with the world again. I pulled out the box of homemade ornaments my mom gave me when I got married, and I explained each one to Scott (such a good sport he is!). I also pulled out the ornaments I cross-stitched myself in anticipation of our first Christmas tree together. We added lots of colorful ball ornaments similar to the ornaments Scott grew up with, and voila! A tree worthy of being the backdrop for belly photos. πŸ™‚

This is my typical maternity attire. I try and sneak by with a non-maternity tshirt though the pickings are definitely getting slim.

My sister-in-law generously lent me some really real maternity clothes and Scott loves this shirt in particular:

(Don’t worry Kim, that’s not a spot on the shirt… it’s a reflection from one of the lights… I think) πŸ™‚

As long as we were taking belly shots… I decided to bite the bullet and expose the belly completely. You know, for posterity!

Nothing like a little belly shine!


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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6 Responses to My, what a beautiful tree!

  1. macpeanut says:

    Yup, my prediction was correct, you do look like you are smuggling a basketball under your shirt:)

    We are so excited for baby bean to make her way into this world! Congrats on finding your own way of decorating in preparation for Christmas. I hope you get a cute baby girl under your Christmas tree this year!!!!


  2. Liz says:

    You are one cute looking pregnant Mama! Thanks for the photos – your little one will love looking at them some day knowing she was ‘inside of you’. πŸ™‚

    We missed you this year picking out the tree – maybe some day you guys will live close by and be able to join in on all the Christmas traditions (I wonder if there will even be a Santa Bag this year without Bobe!).

    Lots of love!

    -Liz, L&L&A


  3. Kristin says:

    Anne, did you stick your tummy in the shine-o-ball-o? (If you don’t know what that is, ask Scott) You do look mighty pregnant and I’m thinking that baby is gonna be a long one. I can hardly believe the countdown is at days! Yikes! I’m so excited for baby Gretchen to get here!


  4. Tam says:

    My goodness…. would you please explain to me how in the world your stomach has stretched so big…. yet you see no stretch-marks??? That just isn’t right!! Okay, I’m predicting that baby Isabelle (where ever did Kristin come up with “Gretchen”?) will be close to 2 ft long… just like her cousin Robert was. Can’t wait to see her… and someday meet her, too!!


  5. Tam says:

    One more thing…. does Scott not remember the way cool homemade dough ornaments we used to put on our trees growing up? We had an FHE activity this year where we made our own dough ornaments and the kids painted them. So much fun!! I still haven’t finished painting all of our dough stockings but, I intend to… before Christmas!! What kind of dough ornaments do you have Anne?


  6. Aunt Robin says:

    Nice belly! Sorry it meant I didn’t see you earlier this month though.


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