Where Baby Bean Will Sleep

I’m sorry the photos are a bit blurry. It’s a dark Columbus night, but I was antsy to take photos and cross something off my list. 🙂

Here’s what you’d see when you first walk in the door (if you are a camera and your flash catches mad glare off the photo on the wall, that is):

Notice the purple walls, the dresser and closet on the right, the handsome and proud soon-to-be-daddy, the fun bookcase with crazy stuffed animals from Ikea and the very very drafty windows.

Here’s a better photo of the closet/dresser wall, though I still caught too much glare off the photo to see it properly. Click here to see the peacock in all his (her?) glory.

This is the wall immediately to the left of the doorway as you walk in:

Turning a little more left, you see the cool train photo Scott picked out for the room. (Many thanks to my co-worker, Andy Williams, who took every photo you see on the walls!)

And finally, the beautiful crib my parents gave me, and the glider and ottoman Scott bought me when my belly got too big to balance a laptop on. (This photo is hanging just to the right of the crib, and this print will be hanging above the crib as soon as my dad brings it out from CA. It hung above my bed my whole life. 🙂 )


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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4 Responses to Where Baby Bean Will Sleep

  1. YAY!! I am so excited for Baby Bean to arrive! I want to come visit to meet her at some point – maybe early spring? I think it’d be so fun to see where you live and hang out with you and your babe (Don could handle all three kiddos for a weekend, no problem… :)).


  2. macpeanut says:

    Woot! You look like you are all ready for little bean’s arrival! The nursery looks great, I can’t believe you are so prepared! We didn’t even have our crib set up for Reese until a month after she was born:).

    I can’t wait to meet her! I feel such a combination of excitement for you guys and sadness that we can’t be there to meet her and celebrate her arrival with you. Having Reese was the proudest moment of my life to date- I hope the experience of having your baby girl is just as special. We’ll be there in spirit! Good Luck!


  3. Tam says:

    How fun!! A purple nursery!! They’re sure it’s a girl, right?? hee hee Looks really fun!! So, how many more days? We’re so excited for you guys!!


  4. Maya says:

    The nursery is so cute!


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