Well deserved naps

My mom and Mackenzie are both reposing at the moment. In a half hour, I’ll wake Mackenzie up and feed her. My mom will burp and change her (for the last time for a long time), and we’ll drive my mom to the airport. 😦

Top 10 ways my mom earned her nap

She has been busy from the moment she arrived.

1) Her first mission was streamlining feedings. She and I found Mackenzie’s favorite (and fastest) way to burp, and she implemented two wonderful things into our routine:

Mackenzie now gets a blow dry (she LOVES this) at every changing, and a liberal amount of cream to protect her sensitive little tush. She no longer has any hint of diaper rash!

2) Next up, she made some reusable nursing pads because I was going through the disposable pads like you wouldn’t believe. Really.

Four layers of flannel, zig-zag stitched around the outside then a straight stitch once across to keep them from bunching. We made like 2 dozen and I just throw them in with the laundry. I would *never* have thought to make these on my own but they’ve been super useful.

3 & 4) Poor Mackenzie was kinda chilly against the vinyl in her carseat and the shoulder straps cut into her neck a bit, so my mom whipped out a fuzzy liner and nice shoulder pads as well.

We just made our own pattern and modified it as we went. Again, something I never would have done myself but that turned out to be pretty simple and really nice for Mackenzie!

5) The picture doesn’t do this justice, but my mom noticed that the nursery door and door to our bedroom don’t close well because the door is cut crooked (yay for apartment living). The doors were super noisy when they closed because the door scraped on the frame. This was especially frustrstating late at night when I’d get up to feed Mackenzie and have to open and shut both doors without waking Scott.

She figured out where the doors were scraping and sanded the frame down to eliminate the noise. Woo-hoo!

6) She finished a tie quilt I started when I was 9 and had long since abandoned as a hopeless cause. (Apparently the sight of an unfinished project drives my mom into high-productivity mode) 🙂

This will be a nice floor blanket for Mackenzie now. Yay!

7) One of my personal favorites… she noticed that the grout in our shower was nasty and a bit moldy in need of some help. So, she scraped it out with a razor blade, bleached, blow-dried, and put new caulking in. It took us just a couple of hours and we now have a beautiful, white, clean shower. I cannot believe how easy this was to do and it made SUCH a difference! Sorry, no “before” pictures… but I’m sure you can use your imagination. Here’s an “after” picture:

My mom says she has done this to every apartment they ever lived in, and I can see why! We were able to get the new caulking on so it’s nice and smooth without too much trouble and the caulk only cost a few dollars.

8 ) She babysat so I could run errands, so Scott and I could go get dinner together, and most appreciated of all… so we could attend the temple together.

This was tricky because a temple session is about 2 1/2 hours, and the temple is a 20 minute drive from our house. We actually drove to the church building by the temple, I fed Mackenzie, and my mom stayed there with her while Scott and I attended the temple. Then I rushed back over, fed her again, and we drove home. Nothing is simple now that we have a baby, but my mom was such a good sport to help us out! 🙂

9) She took the night shift every night, so I could get as much sleep as possible and so Scott could put in ear plugs without guilt. I’ve been so spoiled and I’m nervous for how tonight will go without Grandma to do the hard parts (diaper a baby while half-asleep, for instance).

10) She raised ME, didn’t she? Being a mom is a lot harder than I imagined and I’m sure it will get harder still in the coming months and years. I think moms should be entitled to a lifetime of naps, just because. 🙂

Why Mackenzie Needs a Nap

My poor girl suddenly has a hard time putting herself to sleep. She will be super tired but just fight sleep and fight sleep until the next feeding. So for a 9 hour stretch yesterday, she only took one 30 minute nap and spent the rest of the time with heavy eyelids and cranky. I still fed her every 3 hours… and we’re very glad she sleeps soundly at night… but she certainly needs every nap she can get today!


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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6 Responses to Well deserved naps

  1. lisa h. says:

    moms are wonderful!

    next time you want to go to the temple, you can drop Mackenzie at our house on your way! we still have our crib and swing set up….


  2. Lonica says:

    I bet there are ten reasons why you deserve a nap too! Let me know if I can help, now that you’re mom has left–I’m probably already awake in the middle of the night!


  3. Right on, girlie. Moms are totally entitled to as many naps as possible. When I list my hobbies on profiles now I include one of the most important: napping. 🙂

    Re: the napping. Audrey still has this issue sometimes (the last *2 days*, while hubs has been away – ugh!), but once she gets settled into her routine it gets lots easier. You have a great book coming your way thanks to Amazon. 🙂

    Keep in touch!



  4. Oh, and I forgot to also concur with you on how cool and helpful your mom is. I must say, we are excited to have her home! *blush*


  5. Jessica says:

    oh i am sorry about the overtired state! all too familiar. it’s so hard to watch them fight the exact thing they need.


  6. macpeanut says:

    Man, I knew Toni was handy, but I am in awe of the things she accomplished in the two weeks she was with you! She sure doesn’t like to sit around does she:)


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