Can I have a do-over?

When we were getting ready to take Mackenzie home from the hospital, we were very excited but we were also oh-so green at the whole parenting thing.

NOTE: In situations involving small babies and small baby clothing, exuberance actually counts against you.

The whole process was just very complex. I mean, I had barely re-learned to walk and now I was expected to go out in public with real maternity clothes on and my hair combed?

Then there was the gathering up of stuff. Stuff to take care of me. Stuff to take care of Mackenzie. My own private food supply because did I mention the hospital food was nasty? Assorted things Scott had grabbed “just in case” when I sent him home to get my “hospital bag” after the doctor broke my water. Um, I hadn’t packed a hospital bag but he could tell I was in no mood to quibble so he just did as he was asked. Bless him.

Then there was the small matter of getting Mackenzie ready.

What? Take off her hospital kimono and put on real clothes? Too tricky.

Huh? The car seat straps will be 10X too big for her at first? How would one go about adjusting them? (Answer: with great difficulty)

The low point was realizing we had only brought one blanket for her and the car seat had been outside in the cold car before we loaded her into it. Not only did she look positively uncomfortable with all the big straps and all the smallness that was her… but as she slept on the way home, her lips turned blue. No joke. I cried as I sat there in the back seat and wondered who in the world gave me permission to take this sweet baby away from the safety of a hospital.

Of course, I also cried for absolutely no reason about 57 times a day for the first couple of weeks. So take that with a grain of salt.

Let me do away with the suspense for you. Mackenzie (amazingly) survived the car ride home (though we are still learning how NOT to goof up at every turn.)

Luckily, poop washes out, milk wipes up, tears can be cuddled away (mine and hers), and MOST luckily of all (for you)… my dad captured our first parenting fumbles on film…err.. on his hawt new digital camera. It’s ok, go ahead and laugh. šŸ™‚


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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4 Responses to Can I have a do-over?

  1. macpeanut says:

    They don’t come with manuals Bobe:) I think you are doing a great job. And, as I am learning, sometimes it’s better to go into the parenting thing as a newb because then you have absolutely no preconceived notions about things and you are content to just go with the flow.


  2. Haha. Too cute.

    All that crying in the beginning… Ugh. It makes me want to cry thinking about “doing it all over again.” šŸ™‚

    Can’t wait to meet her. šŸ™‚



  3. manwaringfam says:

    Wait, it still takes me that long to get Quincy dressed? He, he, he.


  4. AnnDee says:

    You crack me up! It’s funny how everyone feels the exact same way. I thought Jake was going to get shaken baby syndrome from the ride home from the hospital. They are so tiny and fragile (it seems). It gets better with the next kid though. I always think — I wish I could go back to just having one with what I know now!!! If only.


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