Addressing Your Concerns

I’ve been asked the following questions recently, and I’m sure many of you have the same concerns but were too polite to vocalize them. So as a public service, I will answer them here:

Question: Could you dress Mackenzie in any more pink?


Probably not. But we were given (generously) nearly everything she wears and besides, it compliments her skin tone.

Ok, ok.. the real reason for all the pink is that last time I dressed her in jeans and a non-pink tshirt, someone said “he looks just like his daddy!”

We can’t have that.

Question: How come you call your daughter a worm? That’s not very nice.

Answer: Technically we call her “a bit wormy” and we mean it in the cutest way possible. It all started when Scott caught the following on camera at our church’s annual chili/chocolate cook-off/pinewood derby:

Our dear girl has 3, possibly 4 chins. Who knew? As if that weren’t enough… the other day I was talking on the phone and I glanced behind me to check on Kenzie and she was lying 180 degrees opposite of how I’d put her down. I watched in amazement as she methodically lifted her bum in the air and flung out her legs, thus “inching” her way around in a full circle. Now, a week later, she is an accomplished inch worm and will lie on her back and happily scootch backwards.

Question: Don’t you think it was a poor decision to put Scott in charge of layering the ratatouille you made for dinner? I mean, he is picky about how towels and socks are folded. One might even call him “fastidious”.
Answer: Well, dinner was a bit late that night, but it brought him such joy. 🙂

Note: This is not an ordinary sized pan. This is a Bean-sized pan. As in, enough of a pan to feed a large family for a week. This particular ratatouille is so yummy that we demolished it in two days, however.

We based it on this recipe but we improvised a lot, using however many of the called-for veggies we had on hand. We served it over whole wheat couscous. It’s super simple (unless you are Scott and you worry about the alignment of eggplant relative to zucchini). 🙂

Question: Doesn’t Mackenzie sometimes object to all these photos being taken?


Question: Are you just making up questions as an excuse to post more pictures?


Did I mention the delicious spicy peanut and eggplant stew Scott whipped up last week, from Veganomicon? 🙂


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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12 Responses to Addressing Your Concerns

  1. Maya says:

    haha aww! do you by any chance know of a good vegetarian substitute for chicken broth? mark and i tried this yummy lentil soup last night but it calls for a can of chicken broth and with so many of our friends here being vegetarian or vegan i’m looking for another way to make it.


  2. very clever. I have to admit though, I’ve never really wondered about putting Scott in charge of the ratatouille. I’ve stayed up late at night wondering if Mackenzie really likes having her picture taken, though. That happens all the time!


  3. Liz MacAskill says:

    Wow, ratatouille, huh? Is that Scott Bean guy getting enough studying in? 😉

    I’m impressed. Never tried ratatouille – maybe soon.

    We made grilled yuca tortillas last night. They were yum. Tonight we’re trying cashew quinoa stir-fry.

    Keep bloggin’ and of course keep clueing me into new recipes!



  4. manwaringfam says:

    I can’t believe how big Mackenzie is getting. Where does the time go? Gotta love those triple plus rolls. Too cute!


  5. Jessica says:

    Believe it or not I was there! It was real fun too. And there was another girl from my ward there. So hopefully I’ll see you next Saturday. I’m loving that Mackenzie girl!


  6. Nancy Jones says:

    Having 6 older brothers, i grew up believing that “Pink was not allowed”! But after becoming a mom, i say girls can never wear enough of it. So, PINK ON!
    Question: Are you guys vegetarian? I’ve wanted to try Ratatouille. I think i’ll use the recipe you put up. Thanks!


  7. beanland says:

    Answer: Yes. We eat fish (in theory) but have pretty much stayed away from meat since November 2006.


  8. taylornadauld says:

    Can’t get enough pictures of McKenzie. Just keep posting them. I love the triple chin — It’s not so great when you find food storage under there though. Happy neck cleaning to you!


  9. Hmmm, now I’m concerned. Anne’s daddy loved to dress her in pink dresses like

    It wasn’t long before she got very upset with the girly pink clothes:

    And felt she was being abused. Is this a case of abused kids abuse?

    A concerned parent.


  10. Robin MacAskill says:

    I really laughed, especially, at that first question. So fun!

    This is my story & I’m sticking to it. Girly pink is a grand choice when a girl has the cue ball look.


  11. MiaKaye says:

    I need to actually pick up my Veganomicon and cook something out of it. I get so daunted by the sheer number of recipes, but this picture inspires me!


  12. beanland says:

    @MiaKaye: You won’t regret it. We LOVE that cookbook. Lots of simple recipes in there, and lots more that are more complex and worth the time. (Of course, some we haven’t loved. I may have to post about our favorites at some point. 🙂 )


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