Let’s play a game *UPDATED*

The name of the game is:

Guess That Kitchen Disaster

Here’s how to play:

  1. Look at the photo below.
  2. Go ahead and laugh… “it” was a pretty dumb thing to do.
  3. Leave a comment, letting me know what exactly you think “it” was.
  4. Go on your merry way, content in the knowledge that you didn’t have as much KitchenFail as Anne did in the month of May. Check back in a few days for The Answer.

Hint: “It” happened as a direct result of my absent-mindedness and general state of distraction as I prepared food for my niece’s first birthday party. My mom swooped in during my time of crisis and was cool-headed enough to avert further disaster. She was also cool-headed enough to take photos for posterity.

Reassurance: No, I didn’t serve that at the party (Hi, Mark).

Empty Threat: If you happened to have heard the story, please don’t give it away in the comments. Or else.


Whole wheat pita dough, in a tupperware, heated to 500 degrees. It was in the second oven, rising, when we decided we’d better fire both ovens up to get more pita baked in time for the birthday party.

I noticed smoke pouring out of the oven, threw open the oven door, and it took me a full minute to realize what I was gawking at. It looked like a plastic volcano, erupting all over the place.

My mom had the presence of mind to clear a path to the back door, grab the rack with oven mitts and hustle the whole mess onto the patio to cool off.

My favorite part? My brother’s offhand remark when he noticed it sitting out there a few hours later: “We’re not eating whatever that is, are we? Because there are flies on it.”

No, Mark. We’re not going to eat it. πŸ™‚

Incidentally, the whole wheat pita was delicious. I used this recipe, except I used all whole wheat flour, and I added about 2 tablespoons of wheat gluten. I made 6 times the recipe (in three separate batches). One batch got melted into the Ooze of Doom, and the other two batches were more than enough for the party.


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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14 Responses to Let’s play a game *UPDATED*

  1. Maya says:

    I’m going to guess you put seran-wrap over the top of the cake and then put the cake down upside down, perhaps in the car.


  2. DS says:

    Looks like melted tupperware, maybe left on a hot stove?


  3. simeet says:

    Looks like a cake with melted tupperware. Hard to tell though. Hey Anne remember me? AP English with Mary Mccarthy


  4. tmcooper2 says:

    No room in fridge. Stored “it” in oven. Preheated oven for cake; forgot “it.” Rescued “it” and dropped “it” on deck so it wouldn’t damage anything else in house or kitchen. Took photo for family laugh.


  5. Anne says:

    @Simeet: Of course I remember you. πŸ™‚ Thanks for commenting. Hope things are well.


  6. simeet says:

    Anne: there’s so much I wish I could say to you and Mary in person. I got in touch with Mary by e-mail recently (she works in San Jose City Hall and will be moving out of state with her boyfriend soon).
    But I will tell you what I told Mary. I consider you both to have been like angels to me that sophomore year of high school. I am sorry I did not get to graduate with you both nor show how much you both meant to me then.
    But I remember everything you both tried to do for me. You both tried to be my friends and help me be strong. I remember you both invited me to go bowling but I was too shy to go, and you both invited me to go shopping too. And you both wanted me to get contacts because you both felt I looked good without glasses. You and Mary were really nice to me that that year.
    Mary and I were boyfriend and girlfriend for a short while that year too, but she broke up with me. Darn it.
    So do you remember all these things?
    I am so happy to see you enjoying motherhood Anne and to see you doing well in your life so far. SmugMug looks like a cool company and website. I want to wish you all the best. And better luck cooking next time!


  7. lisa (lost pezhead) says:

    i’m going w/ some sort of dough covered in blue plastic wrap that a dog had a fun time chewing up!


  8. lisa (lost pezhead) says:


    if i am correct…all i can say is i’ve had waaaaaayyy too many experiences w/ this lately.


  9. Angie says:

    It looks like you tried to bake it the container it was meant to be carried in?


  10. franberry says:

    Looks like it WAS something (cake, bread, bread dough) in a plastic container with a blue lid. That was before the heating; it appears to have been microwaved. Did you put it in there for extra storage space and then turn on by accident? By the way, I love your blog. We are vegetarians with a similar food philosophy, though we’re nowhere near as diligent as you are. I stumbled onto your blog via a link from the frugal cooking carnival and your “Anne (vegetarian)” comment, and you seem like such nice people. I read about SmugMug recently (in a Business Week article, I think) so it was cool to see that connection.


  11. manwaringfam says:

    So what’s the vedict? I came back here to check, but don’t see the answer?


  12. manwaringfam says:

    “verdict” that is…


  13. MiaKaye says:

    So, just a question, is this a soft greek style pita that is still firmly held together, or a open pocket dryer type pita? Just curious, I am looking for a great pita recipe!


  14. beanland says:

    @MiaKaye: Can’t help, sorry! 😦

    I’ve made pita probably three times, but haven’t made them perfectly yet and I’ve fussed with the recipe every time. It’s on my list of recipes to tackle in the near future, though, and I’ll definitely post about if/when I do.

    I started with this recipe and made it with all whole wheat flour.

    I found that it could be softer, or more “pockety” depending on how thick I rolled it out and how long I baked it.


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