…on eating healthily, with a scrumptious apple oven pancake:

…on Sunday School attendance, to let over-tired Mackenzie get a good nap, and catch up with family on the phone:

…on “milk-only” for six months, by introducing yams a couple weeks early:

Rest assured, we know cheating is wrong and we feel terrible. Well, at least poor Mackenzie does.


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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7 Responses to Cheating

  1. Liz MacAskill says:

    For the record, we love cheating.

    How’s Scott doing?

    (does she like solids yet?)



  2. Lonica says:

    Your cheating doesn’t bother me–go for it! Yeah! Sweet potatoes!


  3. Maya says:

    Oooo that apple pancake looks so good! Could I get the recipe from you?


  4. cabbey says:

    First “solids” at 6 months?! What happened to grains and cereals at 4 months???!!! I think they woulda taken Quinn from us if we didn’t start him on more than milk by 4 months. Everyone seemed quite eager to hear that he was getting more than just milk… pediatrician, county health nurse (we’re doing their “follow along” surveys), even the folks at the ob/gyn dept!


  5. cabbey says:

    (oh, and ‘me too’ on the request for the apple pancake recipe!) 🙂


  6. Maya says:

    Oh I forgot to tell you Anne, but I totally saw your twin in the Palo Alto ward. The resemblance was uncanny! Her hair went down to her waist but other than that she looked just like you.


  7. beanland says:

    @Cabbey – Interesting! I know that there are (at least) two schools of thought on when to introduce solids, but most often I hear that waiting is better for allergies.

    I haven’t bothered to do any research on it, though, other than just making sure breast milk is for sure sufficient for 6 months. (It is, but it’s not a great source of iron, and after 6 months babies need another source.)

    We don’t have allergies in our families so it probably wasn’t a big deal either way. Mackenzie is healthy and happily chowing on solids now. She had banana for breakfast, nectarine & apple oatmeal for lunch, and she’ll have peas for dinner. Woo!

    As far as the apple oven pancake recipe goes, that’s Scott’s domain. We’ll see if he’ll be forthcoming with it. 😉


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