So Fun: A Girl’s Night

I threw a party for my friend who is pregnant with baby #3. Instead of a traditional baby shower, I wanted to do a decadent girl’s night.

The problem is, I have no skills.

Ok, that’s overstating it a bit. I have some skills: soccer skills, tupperware skills (don’t ask), diapering skills, and freckles (what, they don’t count as a skill?)… However I have zero party-throwing skills. I don’t know the first thing about arranging flowers or a table, doing cute invitations or putting together a theme.

So I enlisted my friend who does. Lonica totally saved the day and the party was a blast. We served chocolate mousse, whole wheat veggie pizza from Mama Mimi’s, and fresh fruit. We gave each other foot scrubs and painted toenails (so fun, because the ladies who came were good sports).

I lost the battle with my camera so these pics are dark and I missed photos of finished feet. With sparkly add-ons and french pedicures, they were a sight to behold. The top of the piano also had some Lonica love with red candles in tiered black holders and another bouquet with 2 dozen red roses and baby’s breath.

Lots of us chipped in for a spa gift certificate for Lisa. A 1 hour full body aromatherapy massage? Yeah that sounds nice.

I also made a little book with a zillion reasons why we love Lisa, and some of the reasons were also tucked in the bouquet, above.

Several women stayed until midnight talking girl talk (birth stories, etc.). Scott kept coming upstairs and overhearing crazy bits and pieces of the conversation. But we didn’t let that stop us from chatting it up, don’t worry.

What a night! 🙂


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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5 Responses to So Fun: A Girl’s Night

  1. lisa (lost pezhead) says:

    thanks so much! it was soooo fun and always a needed escape. i think everyone appreciated all the work you and lonica put into it! we’ll have to find an excuse to do it again!


  2. Lonica says:

    Thanks for the kudos. I don’t really know that I have skills though… I don’t mind the pictures though. Mind if I steal a few?


  3. Jessica says:

    What a great idea! The food looked so tasty. Hope you and Scott and not-so-little one are doind well!


  4. Camille Craw says:

    the food looks amazing!


  5. Angie says:

    So fun…I haven’t talked that long in a while.. Thanks for putting up with us Scott!


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