In which my friends show me up

Seven of my friends did a triathlon yesterday. It was fairly short, but it was a first triathlon for all of them and Mackenzie and I tagged along to take photos.

We crashed at Sarah’s father’s house the night before, stayed up way too late talking (surprised?), got an early start, froze before the race even started, yelled ourselves hoarse, managed a few first place finishes, and even hit the Wayne County fair on the way home. It was a wild ride and I had a blast.

I took close to 300 photos but half were blurry or soggy due to the heavy mist and rain for the first part of the race. Another quarter were not-so-good because I’m a total newb at photography. But I was happy to get a few good shots. I’ve put them up here (even with captions!): .

Here’s a quick photo recap of how it went down:

Mackenzie, drenched from the mist and bundled up in borrowed clothes.

My friend Jenny organized the trip and coerced everyone into doing the race.

Lonica, my running buddy this summer, really impressed me by signing up for a triathlon and training for it so hard.

The normally crazy swim start was compounded by a short course and shallow water.

The relay team was short a swimmer until a new neighbor, Emily, stepped up. She turned out to be quite a find! She put in the fastest time of the 330 women who competed. Not shabby at all.

Sarah just had a baby 12 weeks ago but is a long-time biker (can you tell?) and decided to take the plunge and do a tri.

Ali, also an avid biker, picked up running just a few months ago. You’d never know it from the smiles she was flashing on the course. 🙂

Beth had a fast split time for the relay on the bike, blowing past lots of ladies.

If the home stretch doesn’t hurt, you didn’t run hard enough. 😉

Andrea, the last leg of the relay, brought them home in style… hair streaming as she pounded the home stretch. She enjoyed being one of the few on the course with fresh legs, I think. 🙂

Thanks for the great time, ladies!

(It’s definitely time for me to train for another triathlon!)


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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8 Responses to In which my friends show me up

  1. Maya says:

    I couldn’t get the link to work 😦


  2. Lonica says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words!


  3. Abby says:

    You gals are awesome! My younger daughter is doing the Nathan in Tempe this month. Sprint – 750 Meter Swim, 13.75 Mile Bike, 5km Run; Olympic – 1500 Meter Swim, 26.5 Mile Bike, 10km Run

    You make me want to try Akron except that I wouldn’t want to drag the team down. The good news is that I would not have the excuse of recently giving birth, being pregnant, moving, or being too busy with little ones to train.

    Congratulations to each of you!! Thanks to Anne for the pictures and comments. They made the day come alive!


  4. beanland says:

    Fixed, Maya. Sorry about that!

    Lonica: You rock. I’m so stoked you finished, despite the shin cramp. 🙂


  5. Camille Craw says:

    That is amazing! Good job girls. Maybe someday I’ll post a triathlon on my blog….


  6. lisa mcgee says:

    Oh you all of ou girls ROCKED. I cried through the pictures seeing how happy you all looked. Where was this triathlon? It couldn’t have been in Columbus? I am glad you made itsafely home with many memories toshare and put in a scrpabook lol.
    Who ever did the captions about the trip and thon, did an excellent job of posting each picture just the way it was, not too many words or less. Wonderful!!! Testimony Sunday was, of course, a sweep I bet, lol. Don’t sleep too long, there may be another thing going on you may want to join, you never know ladies.


  7. Andrea says:

    Fun pics! Thanks for doing all that work Anne! You were so nice to come and be our photographer. Mackenzie and you made the trip even more fun!


  8. juli blanco says:

    Wowser!! Riverside Women First Place Winners!
    Not only was this totally inspiring, It was so apparent how much fun y’all had althouh extremely challenging I am sure! Loved the photos…Anne…thanks for sharing it with us. I’m throwin’ on my running shoes and jogging my 30 minutes right now!…I am so proud of you all! Congrats!

    Juli B


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