Fall Traditions

Scott and I made the time to honor two of our favorite fall traditions here in Columbus:

Hocking Hills

We joke that if we can’t have mountains, we’ll have to settle for a hill or two. But this area really is gorgeous, particularly this time of year with all the rich colors.

(Hey look, it’s my poker-faced baby 🙂 )

We went with two of our favorite families and there ended up being 5 adults, 3 babies, and 1 baby on the way. We were even stopped and asked “What are they putting in the water and where is it so I can make sure to stay away?” I think the nice man was kidding. Because c’mon, what’s not to love about these babies?

We had a yummy picnic lunch. Scott made homemade focaccia and had uprooted a basil plant from our back yard and packed it as well (apparently he was in a hurry?). We had fresh mozza and tomato sandwiches that, though unhealthy, were delicious.

Scott and I had a good laugh last night when I processed the pictures. We had both been frustrated with the “flakiness” of the camera that day because it seemed like every other frame was way dark or blown out. Well, when I pulled up the photos it was immediately clear the camera had been set on “exposure bracketing”, which means it purposefully changes the exposure compensation for every frame. Bleh.

I typically have a hard time deleting photos and this goof guaranteed I deleted at least 4 out of ever 5 . So maybe it wasn’t a bad thing after all? 😉

Circle S

We love this farm. Our first year going was a blast and so we went again last year. This year was special because I was largely pregnant last time and I was so excited to come back and share the pumpkin-picking with my baby.

I know she doesn’t look all that interested, but I like to think she enjoyed herself. The farm itself is pretty simple, but because we are city folks, it’s novel and the sweet smell of hay and goats (ok I could do without the smell of goats, if you must know)… it’s definitely atmospheric.

We suckered invited some friends of ours to join us. They were good sports and went along with our brilliant plan to cut through the corn maze “like last year” to find the best pumpkins. Well, last year the corn maze was pathetic due to a recent storm. This year? The corn nearly got the better of us. I felt like we were bushwhacking our way to pumpkins. Except for the whole “pumpkin” part. I guess Circle S believes in crop rotation so we landed ourselves in the middle of a soybean field this year and had to schlep all the way to the other end of the farm to get a pumpkin.

We walked and walked through miles days ok ok, several minutes worth of pumpkin plants (vines?). Several pumpkins looked promising:

That is, if you allow me the liberty of using the word “promising” when referring to completely rotten nasty olde pumpkins.

As it turns out, all our tromping around was for naught. Someone (probably the meddlesome owners of the farm) had picked all the decent pumpkins and put them in one place.

This photo is why I love traditions, and why we will continue to make a pilgrimage to the farm of the vicious corn and pre-picked pumpkins every year we live in Columbus:


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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2 Responses to Fall Traditions

  1. Very fun!

    Now the question is, when you guys carve them (if you do?) are you going to let the wee one get her hands into it? 🙂 We might do our pumpkin carving in the garage this year (idea from Jon & Kate Plus 8 ;)).



  2. Andrea says:

    The pictures still turned out great! Much better than from our podunk camera! That was such a fun trip. Thanks for inviting us.


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