The Mackenzie Update

Our Miss Wee One recently reached my favorite milestone to date, so I thought it was high-time for an update.

First tooth, first rolling over, crawling, babbling, etc. didn’t really get me jazzed. I was happy to see her acquire skills, but they just weren’t magical moments for me.

But this one? I may have shed a tear. My sweet baby girl got up the confidence to walk on her own this last week. Scott came home and held out his arms and she toddled right into them, grinning from ear to ear. I’m totally addicted to watching her toddle around, arms outstretched. She even walks while clutching a toy in each hand. I’ve seen babies walk before, and they never made me stop in my tracks… but MY baby? Oh man, I just sit and watch in awe.

She’s 10 1/2 months now, working on tooth number 7, and babbling up a storm. No more just “Mamama Bababab Dadadada”. Now we have L’s and “dododo” and it makes all the difference. She can now pass as a Martian and when she speaks, you have the distinct impression she’s saying something profound but you’re just too slow to understand.

Her favorite thing is a big bucket of the Little People toys my mom keeps shipping us (Ebay loot). She carefully withdraws one toy at a time, puts it in her mouth then lays it aside and thrusts her arm out after the next succulent morsel zebra or construction worker.

She weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 18-19 pounds, hardly ever wears shoes, and has beautiful reddish hair that grows in wisps.

She’s taught herself to swing (quite miraculous really, since she’s only been on swings a handful of times in her life). She eats veggies like a pro, and pretty much chows on whatever Scott and I are eating. For a few beautiful months, I’d bib her up and she’d go down on all sorts of sloppy food, but recently she’s taken to deliberately dropping things on the floor and peering over her chair after them. We have carpet in the dining room, so we’re back to Mom doing most of the messy feeding.

What else? She is still breastfeeding 3 times a day (and once in the middle of the night on some nights). She drinks from a cup (but we hold it for her). She gets a story (she has learned how to turn pages and would turn page after page, contentedly, all the days of her life) and a song and a blankie for every sleep time. We keep the blankies on regular rotation because they have a tendency to smell like mouth o’ baby. She usually sleeps from 9pm to 8:30 am, give or take an hour. Plus two naps, usually two hours each.

She’s no longer terrified by things like vacuums, vitamixes, and wheat grinders. She loves to be in a sling or a Bjorn.

Her giggle alone can make me smile for hours. It’s this infectious laugh that comes from the gut and brightens her whole face. She reveals her gap-toothed grin and I just die of happiness on the spot.

Things that make her giggle? Any kind of peek-a-boo type game, especially involving a blanket. Any contact with hair. Seeing her daddy. Sometimes just being alive is enough to make her laugh out loud. I’ll look over to see what’s so great, and she’ll just be waving a toy around, or crawling across the room.

I’ll wrap this ‘Kenzie-fest up with a few videos to illustrate key points:

The quintessential “first steps” video . Big disclaimer: She had a monster of a week with a 102 degree fever, lots of pain (new tooth? earache? Why can’t you talk yet, child?!), and our normally even-tempered girl spent days wailing at the drop of a hat. I had tried all afternoon to get a video of her walking before the “newness” of it wore off and she became a seasoned professional. These things can happen very quickly, I’m told. Anyway, I kept trying to balance her, let go, and man the camera all to capture the moment and all I captured was a step at a time followed by a pitiful sit-down strike. So I enlisted Scott when he got back from the hospital. It’s amazing what outstretched arms will do to motivate a lover-of-squnches.

Did I mention Mackenzie will snuggle with abandon? I’m thrilled about it, but quite surprised since I’m not really a touchy-feely person myself. (In fact, the idea of a “hello” or “goodbye” hug kinda makes me shift in my chair. Scott and his hugging family have helped me overcome much of my hug-related anxiety, but all things considered, I still prefer a high-five on most occasions. )

A few videos of her swinging herself (taken on our road trip).
Video 1 – A great example of Mackenzie’s signature poker face.

Video 2 – Please notice the 15-month old boy in the background, slumped like a wet noodle in his bucket swing, gaping at Mackenzie in abject admiration.

Video 3 – Great little giggle -> pout -> put things in mouth montage.


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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5 Responses to The Mackenzie Update

  1. Camille Craw says:

    That is pretty phonomenal that she swings by herself. My Rachel is pretty much terrified of the swing but can really get some momentum on the slide! How fun to see how big she is! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Scott's big oldest sister says:

    Oh, Anne, I absolutely loved this post!! You are a fantastic writer! You verbalized perfectly how it feels to be head-over-heels-in-love with a child. I miss having little ones, but thoroughly love experiencing it again through your eyes.


  3. lisa (lost pezhead) says:

    totally agree w/ scott’s sister…you wrote that wonderfully! i’m glad you’re having so much fun with your baby! it is all so precious and it does go so fast! almost makes me want 10 kids, just so i never run out of baby!


  4. Liz says:

    ROFLOL. The swing pumping is so awesome! I’m so glad you got it on video. What an awesome baby.

    Now… when are you going to come out to visit so she can teach Audoo?!


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