Christmas Dress

Merry Christmas from Mackenzie! She’s just days away from turning 1 and so full of emotions lately. The joy of being alive just seems to well up inside her at a moment’s notice. It overflows into eye-squinting, upward-reaching, teeth-showing shenanigans that make can’t help but make me stop whatever I’m doing and squnch her. That made taking photos of her a little difficult. 😉

Here she is in the church hallway in her Christmas dress. We don’t typically walk the halls taking photos, but it was 0 degrees and windy out and we wanted to linger a bit in the warm foyer before braving the trip to the car.

Do Scott and I look tired?

Here’s our first family photo in nearly a year, from the ward Christmas party:

I had the distinct pleasure of being Santa’s photographer for the party. The lighting was low and a bit tricky, and I’m still have a LOT to learn, but I did manage to get some fun photos.

Here’s one of my favorites, of a boy who’s old enough to know there’s something a little strange about the man in the red suit:


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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