CA and UT: Work and Family

Mackenzie and I hopped on yet another plane to go train a co-worker in CA. We spent 10 days there, then met Scott in UT to visit family for a week.

The California Part

In hindsight, this trip very much paralleled my life in general right now. In CA, I was looking forward to a few days of training and a lot of time relaxing with family and cooking good food. In reality, I got sucked into the excitement of being at SmugMug Headquarters and ended up working lots of late nights. I ended that part of the trip thoroughly exhausted, but with some fun photos of the few family times.

Photos by Liz:

Only my dad would take this lens to photograph the grandkids at the park:

Photos by my dad:

My mom and all her grandkids, including one just a few days old:

My dad and all his grandkids, minus the new baby. They LOVED watching home videos on his laptop.

Visiting my fabulous, pregnant-with-twins sister-in-law, who cooked healthy and delicious meals for us and who, in looking back, should really have been lying on the couch with her feet up while I did the cooking.

I think it’s awesome and amazing that she could be a jeans model when 8 months pregnant with twins:

Just sayin’. As a bonus, she’s so busy almost having those babies… she won’t even read this post and gripe that I posted a photo of her cute butt online. Hehe.

Ironically, my nearly-vegan daughter couldn’t get enough of the plastic sausages that were a part of her cousin’s play kitchen:

She gathered them up and carried them around the whole day we visited.

Her cousin did his part in being a good host by showing her the joy of gathering dandelions.

I’m not sure she totally caught on…

But she did score some points when we gave them a cousins’ bath, and she totally leaned in and laid a big kiss on his cheek. He politely said thank you and she beamed.

The Utah Part

Flying to UT was… less than fun. Mackenzie is a veteran flyer, but I really messed things up when I booked the flight. Not only was it during naptime, but it apparently had a stop and a layover in between San Jose and Salt Lake City. We went up 3 times and down 3 times and on the plane 2 times and off the plane 2 times. We survived, and I think that’s the real key with traveling with kids. Just get there in one piece.

We hopped from one house to another in UT, playing games, playing with cousins, and catching up with family. We didn’t take any photos, apparently.

Then we ended up at St. George at my grandparents’ house, and met their neighborhood pet:

My grandpa calls him “Chicken” and he even comes in the house to get fed.

Incidentally, my grandpa is one of the coolest people I know. One reason: He built the house he lives in (and many other houses) himself. Another reason: He stirs peanut butter with a power tool.

He and my grandma lead a pretty quiet life these days, but when my grandma insisted I come watch Grandpa stir up a new jar of peanut butter, I knew something was amiss. A close-up of The Tool, which he designed and manufactured himself just for this purpose:

We went looking for petroglyphs one day:

But Mackenzie was more interested in the kind of rocks without ancient paintings.

The next day we drove up to Zions National Park and gave our backpack carrier a try. She was a bit skeptical at first…

But she ended up loving it and we took her right up to Angel’s Landing, to the base of the chains. She and I spent some quality time there playing in red dirt while Scott jetted to the top with some friends we ran into on the way.

Mmm… I love Zions. Next time we’ll definitely need to spend more time there.

About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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4 Responses to CA and UT: Work and Family

  1. Liz says:

    LOL. Grandpa Johnson rocks! It was fun to have you visit. Can’t wait for the reunion (mountainous ;)) in August!



  2. Kristin says:

    Too busy to comment! Bwa! I gasped when I saw those pictures and it made me feel a little more justified for how uncomfortable I’ve been the last three days. That said, as long as you think I can still model jeans, that’s all that really matters. We had such a blast with you here and only wish we got to do it more often.


  3. beanland says:

    Oops, all the links back to the SmugMug galleries were broken. Fixed so Kristin can go see more photos of her pregnant self. 🙂

    You really look great! And you’re on the home stretch! Goooo Kristin! (But not quite yet)


  4. Laura says:

    Really very lovely. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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