Remember the time when…

…I went two weeks without making a real dinner, then Scott stayed up all night long making the fanciest dinner ever. So we foraged for 14 days and then ate like royalty for 2 (leftovers are bliss).

…Mackenzie went through a phase where she redistributed random objects throughout the house:

(Ew on the last one. The girl really likes toilets.)

… We walked around BYU campus with Mackenzie’s grandma and I was really grateful that my phone took photos, because despite having schlepped our nice camera across country, we never got it out of the bag.

… My hands turned white (for the nth time) because they were cold. And I felt like an alien until they warmed up again.

… Mackenzie conked out on Scott’s chest during a plane ride home and I cried happy tears because it was so sweet.

… I decided to have LASIK surgery, and scheduled the appointment, and then promptly freaked out because laser beams in the eyes really sounds like a bad idea if you think about it.

… I took the worst quality photo ever, but it turned out to be one of my favorites:

… My favorite UPS man brought 800 pounds of food to my front door (in three trips), with a smile.

… I looked at my pancakes and was just plain proud because I made up the recipe. Myself. Without any help.

… The lady in the produce aisle at Costco asked which of my twins was the boy.

Not twins. Clearly both girls. Amazingly enough, the lady seemed skeptical when I corrected her.

… I realized I had a random dump of photos on my iPhone without a common thread?


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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5 Responses to Remember the time when…

  1. lisa (lost pezhead) says:

    love it!


  2. Nancy says:

    This was a fun one to read… even if it was an excuse to share random iphone photos! I’m pretty fond of random. 😉


  3. Kristin says:

    So many wonderful pictures. The one of Scott and Mackenzie asleep together made me “aww” out loud, which was a good thing because the picture of your fingers was intensely creepy.


  4. Liz says:

    I love a good random post. I’m so jealous that M will fall and stay asleep on a plane. Audrey slept maybe 20 minutes of the 5 hour flight home from Hawaii.


  5. Camille Craw says:

    I’ve done that before! Congrats on LASIK! I had it done 8 years ago and LOVE it even still. I don’t see 20/20 because I had an astygmatism in both eyes but I see well enough that I don’t need glasses and I can actually read from the hymn numbers from the back row of church! I hope the halos go away. I’ve always had weird night vision and this has continued with halos at night but I think they were there before!


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