It’s a sickness

My name is Anne Bean and I’m addicted to fresh produce.

Today, I went with Scott and Mackenzie to the farmer’s market in Worthington (woo!). We were planning on being moderate in our purchases, since we still had spinach, a huge head of lettuce, portobello mushrooms, green and yellow zucchini, and crookneck squash in the fridge. Not to mention oodles of chard in the backyard.

In our defense, however, this is what we eat. We don’t eat much you can find in the aisles of a supermarket, or in the dairy case or meat case. We eat veggies and fruit, beans, grains, and nuts. And Mackenzie has a big appetite these days as well. The girl can cruise through 3 peaches with breakfast (I’m just sayin’).

As we walked over to the farmer’s market action, we passed lots of people heading to their cars, purchases in hand. I started to panic a bit as I scoped out their loot because most people only had flowers, pie, and maybe some corn. We were a bit later than we like to be (1/2 hour after it started) and I was concerned they were all out of the best produce.

Nah, it turns out the people we saw had just skipped the best stuff.

Here was our haul:

– 1 crate of Sullen berries (sp? Always a good start when you buy something you’ve never heard of before) $1.25
– 3 cucumbers 3/$1
– 6 ears of corn 6/$2.50
– 2 huge green bell peppers 2/$1
– 10 poblano peppers 5/$1
– 5 anaheim peppers 10/$1
– 3 big eggplants 75 cents/each
– 1 huge cantaloupe $3
– 4 leeks $1.50/2
– 1 candy onion w/stems $1
– 1 quart blueberries $6
– 1 big early crop apple $0.25
– 1 bunch radishes $1.50
– 1 bunch green onions $0.50
– 1 awesome looking heirloom tomato (tie-dyed something?) $1.75
– 1 bag of assorted purple, green, and whiteish beans $1.25
Total cost: $30.

Then we went to Costo for a “quick visit”:
– 4 pounds strawberries
– 12 nectarines
– 1 pineapple
– 6 red bell peppers
– 4 pounds of dates
– 5 pounds of black grapes

Finally, Scott ran to Kroger to pick up tickets for the State Fair and came home with 8 clamshells of raspberries. “They were on sale!” he offered with a shrug as he added them to the mountain of things to find space for in the fridge.

Yeah. We’d better get to eatin’.

You should see the colors in our kitchen though. It’s gorgeous.

I *just* put everything in our fridge, but here’s a photo of some of the stuff:

And because you can’t tell what the heck is in that previous photo, and because I like to play with SmugMug’s editing tools:

And the pepper drawer, which looks much cooler in person:

I love the summer.

NOTE: I plan to blog soon about why we eat like we do now. But until then, it’s ok if you think we’re crazy. Three-years-ago-Anne would have thought the same thing. Meanwhile, present-day-Anne is racking her brain trying to plan out a menu for the week that incorporates all this goodness.

About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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4 Responses to It’s a sickness

  1. Liz says:

    Yay for produce!! Love this post. I think we have ESP because I was minutes from publishing a post about ways to not waste produce when it’s on it’s last leg.



  2. Maya says:

    Have any crookneck squash recipes you’d care to share with me? My squash plant is flowering, so I think that means I will have little squash in not too long. I plan to turn a lot of it into baby food but would like to try some other things for Mark and me if I am able to grow enough. 🙂


  3. Hey Guys,

    It sounds like you’re having fun. We looked back through your blog and saw Mackenzie’s beautiful red hair. She’s growing up so fast. It’s amazing to see how fast these kids grow in the short time that we’re away from them. We miss you guys. Memphis just isn’t the same without you or the rest of our ward. It’s bett– um, i mean we’re depressed. JK. We really do miss you.

    -ryan and sarah


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