Up and down

D levels are up. I feel better than I’ve felt in months, and though I haven’t had any additional bloodwork done, I’m confident the supplements have worked their magic.

I’m running again and discovering my fitness levels are down from so many months of inactivity. But oh it feels good to run.

Things are looking up at SmugMug.

We’ve been working away at a great new feature that has been “stuck” in testing for quite a while. We think it’s finally ready to go, which will free things up for more features to come through. I’m most excited about this because I’ve been trying my hand at some programming lately. We call it sorcery at SmugMug and though I’m far from a real sorcerer, I’ve learned enough PHP and JavaScript (along with the CSS and HTML I’d already picked up) to actually do some useful things. It’s rewarding to see tangible improvements to some core pages at SmugMug because of my hard work. Teaser in case there are any SmugMug Pros reading: Great changes to pro sales report, and a few significant improvements to proofing orders.

Mackenzie may be down again. She was trotting around fine for a week without her shoe, then started to limp again yesterday so we had more x-rays taken today.

Our hopes are up for matching in ophthalmology. We’re finalizing Scott’s application for residency now and then it’s wait-and-see for a few months. Interview season is mid-October through mid-December and we hope Scott is very busy then. In the meantime, he has elected to spend August as a “research month” and has been hopping with finalizing several papers to submit for publication. Ophthalmology is definitely the field for him. He’s passionate enough about eyes that he’s even piqued my interest about his research.

My cholesterol is down. Ok, I can’t say for certain where it was before we changed our diet three years ago, but right now it’s at 132. HDL = 51. I can live with that! 😀

We’ve got two trips coming up. The first is to have a family reunion with my family in Tahoe. Scott, Mackenzie and I are the only ones that don’t live within a few miles of everybody else, so we’re convinced this whole “reunion” thing is just to lure Scott out to California. He hasn’t been there since before Mackenzie was born, though Mackenzie and I have made the trip 4 or 5 times. Medical school can do that to a person.

The other trip is a SmugMug get together in Mexico next year. We’re balking a bit at plane ticket prices, but because I work all day with people who I rarely see (we’re scattered all over the world), I am really looking forward to it. I get to show off Scott and Mackenzie and show off my fabulous co-workers. If you recall, the first ever SmugMug get together was epic. Awesome video by my dad.

I knew I’d never be able to live down the summer I dyed my hair blond. I initially dyed it reddish, with the kind of dye that is supposed to wash out in a few weeks. Nothing happened. So I marched back to the store with my best girlfriend and grabbed “permanent champagne blond”. In hindsight, my master plan to spite the hair dye makers by purchasing another one of their products probable was ill-conceived.


Apparently my dad’s been digging into the old photos at our house and getting them up on SmugMug. It’s amazing what you’ll find in shoe boxes:

The above was taken in Victoria, British Columbia after a crazy afternoon of boating and looking for whales. We didn’t find any whales so our guide decided to make it up to us by giving us the ride of our lives. To say my hair had “body” afterward would be like saying the change from brunette to “champagne blond” was subtle.

Hmm let’s end on an up, shall we? This little smugrat has been stringing together words like mad.

She’s a sponge with an irontrap memory and I’m continually in awe of how fun this new stage is. At the Doctor’s office today, he said “How are you doing?” as a rhetorical question and she pondered for a brief moment before responding “ok” with a shrug. He flipped through her chart, eyebrows raised, making sure she was just 20 months.

Scott and I just smiled, knowing full well just minutes earlier she had requested “bring? book car?” and run to get her favorite book before walking out the door to get in the car.

We sung a song to her last week (Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam, for any Mormons reading along) and it has hand motions. She was distracted eating her dinner at the time and didn’t seem that interested. Today? She started singing “Jesus! Summmm beam” and doing the hand motions to me. Iron. Trap.

Oh, and her cute cheekies aren’t anything to sneeze at either (thanks for the photo, Liz!)


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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4 Responses to Up and down

  1. Liz says:

    Glad to hear you’re getting more energy! Can you send some of it my way? 😉

    Can’t wait to see you and Ms. Mellow soon.



  2. Andrea says:

    It was really fun to read this post and catch up a bit. Mackenzie is as adorable as ever. What a smartie! Glad you’re feeling better. Tell Scott good luck with the residency applications. This is such an exciting year for you guys!


  3. Andrea says:

    Oops! As I was thinking about you guys this morning, I realized how smart I was in my previous comment. How funny! Mackenzie is the smarty! I must be the smartie.


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