Things I’m grateful for

As I caught up on a few blogs tonight, I really enjoyed reading people who are gearing up for Thanksgiving by listing things they are grateful for. Especially because I’ve had one crazy day and I have been resisting writing about it because I don’t want to the crazy to spill over onto my blog.

So instead, I decided to make a list. Things I’m grateful for:

  1. We are home safe and sound from a fabulous trip from NYC. It was not without adventure (see reference to crazy, above) but I really wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, I have a terrible memory in general and the “adventures” of life seem to stick a bit better. 🙂
  2. My daughter charms the masses. Example: she declared (triumphantly, and repeatedly) “letter A!” while pointing to the “5th Ave” on the wall of the subway station while we awaited a train. Surly New Yorkers brightened right up and some even gave her sly little waves and tried to catch her eye.
  3. I continually witness spontaneous kindness from others. I received help in some really tight spots this weekend from unexpected people and it reminded me that my assumptions about people based on their appearances are rarely accurate.
  4. Sleep. My big project at work is nearly done and I left my laptop at home (intentionally) for the four day trip to New York. Even with walking all day long, I feel more rested than I have in months. My goal is to keep work hours at a reasonable level so I can keep feeling this way. 😉
  5. Material possessions don’t matter much to me. Parts of New York were full of glitz and glam, with high fashion and sparkling hotel lobbies, exclusive clubs and more limousines than I could count… meh. I’m happy without any of that. (Though, I had lots of fun seeing it.)
  6. Interviews. Scott will be gone a lot in the coming weeks and I miss him, but oh what a good reason to be gone!
  7. Scott packed his green suit for his interview tomorrow. He left out Queens hotel at the crack of dawn this morning to catch a plane to his next interview spot and my heart plummeted when I saw his black suit shoes still in the hotel room with his other things waiting for me to pack them back to Columbus. No! Running shoes at an interview? Poor Scott. Just as I dialed his phone to deliver the bad news, I realized those black shoes were brought for his tux and his brown shoes went safely with him to his next city.
  8. A home to come home to. I saw lots of homeless people in New York, many of them mentally ill and as the weather gets colder I know they are in for a rough winter.
  9. I’m running again. True, I just started last week but it feels amazing already so I know I’ll be able to keep it up. Being sick from May through August really rocked my world like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I had a couple of weeks feeling great, followed by a solid month of a cold/phlegm and limited sleep that made running really out of the question. I’ve never in my life gone so long without consistent exercise and I can tell getting back to it has already given me more energy.
  10. I’m coming back to blogging. My blogging habits have pretty much mirrored my exercise habits since May. There were little blips of time where I’d write, but mostly I shoved it to the side until I felt better and had time to write thoughtfully. I’ve really missed it though, and I have lots I want to say (no surprise there). To spur me back into doing both, I’ve made a goal: 30 blog posts and 30 workouts by 2010. That’s 45 days away. Easy peasy.

Oops, this post meandered from a grateful list to a goal list. Allow me to tie it all together.

  1. Goals

Sea lions in Central Park Zoo
(I can’t seem to tie this picture in, but wanted to include it. I took it with my iPhone at the Central Park Zoo with Mackenzie on my shoulders. Every time the sea lions would dive into the water, she’d say in a very concerned voice “uh-oh sea lion!” and every time the water splashed out of the tank, the crowd heard an alarmed “uh-oh water!” I tried to reassure her the sea lions like to swim and the water was ok spilling on the floor, but she was not so sure.)


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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7 Responses to Things I’m grateful for

  1. Liz says:

    Hahaha! Love the “uh-oh sea lion!” I can see Audrey saying that too. Glad you are back safe and sound (had no idea you were traveling!).


  2. Kirsten says:

    I want to hear all about your fun trip!!
    And while we are talking about being grateful, I seriously want to thank you and Scott for baby-sitting the kids and for the OSU tickets. I don’t know when we’ve had a more fun afternoon out and you guys were so wonderful to us! The kids keep asking when you are coming back to baby sit!! Uh oh…you might have done too good of a job!!!! And for the record, Ammon and I have decided we kind of like pomegranate seeds. Never thought that would happen! You guys are amazing!!! Thank you, thank you!! Good luck to Scott on his interviews!


  3. Laura says:

    Interviews are a great reason to be away, but yes, its a tough time for family. If you need anything, let me know. Maybe Owen and I could join in on one of your runs!:)


  4. Andrea says:

    I hope the interviews go well! Good luck! I remember Kelly feeling so bad – not only about being away, but because he was “wined and dined” without me. They usually stay in amazing hotels and eat at great restaurants.

    Then it’s a waiting game until March. What an exciting time for you guys!


  5. Kimberlie says:

    I’m grateful for many things – but definitely on the list is Anne Bean’s whole wheat bread recipe & blog! Thank you Anne!


  6. melanie says:

    So, how are the interviews going, and when are they done? I’d love to hear what’s news there for you guys. What an exciting time… 🙂


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