Children under 2 fly free

I have tested this theory and found it to be sound.

As her 2nd birthday looms, I’ve thought back on all the plane flights Mackenzie and I have taken together. I fly fairly regularly back to CA for working vacations with my family out there and we’ve also taken several just for fun trips. Here are all the flights I can remember:

– (in my belly) June 07′ quick flight to Baltimore for business and met up with my dad and Aunt

– (in my belly) July 07′, a week each in Utah and California to see family.

– (in my belly) Oct 07′, visit to CA then to Hawaii with my parents to sport the maternity tankini and snorkel with the fishies.

– March ’08, a near miss with a trip to NYC that was canceled last minute. I remember being really nervous to fly with her on my own, but a medical emergency in the family had us canceling our flights anyway.

– May ’08, an 18 day visit with my family in CA to let Scott focus on studying for the boards (4 flights, all on my own). I was so concerned about Mackenzie on the plane, I completely forgot to take care of myself. I breastfed her all day and cuddled her and I don’t think I ate or drank a thing. When we arrived, I was surprised to find I was so wiped out I could hardly walk straight. Take away lesson? If I don’t take care of myself, I can’t take care of my baby.

This was the trip where Mackenzie cut two teeth, wailed all night, and peed all over me at one business meeting, bit me while breastfeeding during another business meeting, and blew out her diaper on a road trip. We had a blast, I learned a ton, and that 2nd business meeting ended up being the beginning of a great partnership for SmugMug.

– June 08, Bean family reunion in Oregon (4 flights, all with Scott). We took an extra week to explore the coast and revisit our favorite spot from our honeymoon: Cannon Beach.

– December 08, flew to Paris on Christmas Day, drove to Venice and flew home. (7 flights, all with Scott) . A fantastic time all around, though there was a low point when we were stuck at in the ticketing area of an airport in the middle of the night for 5 hours with bright lights, hard floors, and uncomfortable chairs and one VERY tired baby.

– January 09, flew to CA for 2 weeks to attend a SmugMug getaway in Tahoe (4 flights, all on my own) . Fabulous in every way. Great skiing, great time working.

– April 09, flew to CA and then on to UT for a family double-header. (5 flights, 3 on my own) . It was especially fun to see my pregnant-with-twins sister in law, my 1 day old niece, and two of my brothers’ new houses.

– July 09, trip to CA and returned with a broken foot for Mackenzie and a confirmed vitamin D deficiency for me (something I now affectionately call “Hermit’s Disease” ) (4 flights, all on my own.)

– September 09, flew to CA for a family reunion on my side in Tahoe (4 flights, all on my own). So epic and fun, I’ll remember it forever.

– November 09, flew to NYC with Scott (and met up with my mother in law) for a quick trip because he was performing at the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. (2 flights, with Scott).

– November 09, flew to CA literally at the last minute to surprise my family for Thanksiving. (4 flights, all with Scott) More on this soon, but it was such a great trip and I’m thrilled to have such a fun, spontaneous husband.

We have no more plans in the next 24 days, so I think our trip total comes to 9 and the “Children under 2” flights since Mackenzie’s birth is 38! Exactly half of them were just me and Mackenzie. I will definitely blog soon about my best travel tips for traveling with a baby or toddler because I’ve learned a lot by trial and error over the past few years. šŸ™‚


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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3 Responses to Children under 2 fly free

  1. cabbey says:

    Now that we’ve crossed that 2 year threshold with Quinn I see it as a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, he’s now required to have a seat to himself, no more trying to hold a toddler on your lap that doesn’t want to be on your lap for 3-5 hours. On the other hand, he’s now required to have a seat to himself, so flights just got 1.5x the cost. This last part really hit home as I was booking for Sayulita the other day and realized it was seriously a full $700 difference.

    Awesome to see the progression of M’s pictures all in one place.

    (that may ’08 trip just wasn’t fated to go well… maybe missing the checkin by 30 seconds was a sign?)


  2. Lonica says:

    Seriously interested in your travel tips–I’m just starting out. I’ll be looking…


  3. Camille Craw says:

    Way to travel the world. It is so great to continue the way you are and let the children adapt to the family they were born into. The Beans travel alot and eat lots of vegetables! That’s awesome!


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