Cute Things Mackenze Has Said Lately

1) Although we never use them, Mackenzie noticed the latches that lower her crib side the other day. Apparently they look like the pump top on a soap dispenser, because Mackenzie said with a twinkle in her eye, “Mackenzie gettin’ soap, Mama!” and then she proceeded to soap up my hands, her hands, the crib rails, her face, her teddy bear and everything else she could think of with imaginary soap.

2) Today after church I offered her broccoli and hummus for lunch. She said, “No”, which is her standard first response to most things these days. I figured she was full from all the snacks at nursery (a girl deprived of things like goldfish crackers 99% of the time can put quite a few away when given the opportunity). So, I said, “Ok, let’s get ready for a nap.” Instantly, her face contorted and her lower lip quivered and she said, “Mackenzie.. needs… more broccoli please!” Normally she doesn’t mind taking a nap at all but hey, I’ll take it if it means more green things go down the hatch. 😉

3) Scott came back yesterday from 900 miles of driving to interviews and I let Mackenzie in the bedroom as he was waking up from a nap. She squealed and dashed over to where he was laying. She patted his face and gave him big “snugs”. (I know that’s a silly word, and I’m pretty sure I am the one who actually invented it and not Mackenzie. But you should hear her say it. So cute. Who am I to stop that train?) She giggled as she felt his hair. “Daddy… has… SPIKY hair,” she exclaimed. To my knowledge, the only time she’s heard the word spiky before was last month as I explained to her why we don’t touch rose bushes. She’s just at the age where she draws connections between things and tries to apply vocabulary to new situations and we just love it.

4) I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I own feetie pajamas. They are red. I wear them when I am sick, cold, or just need a really really good night’s sleep. Rest assured, a picture of them will never appear on this blog. Anyway, I walked into Mackenzie’s room to get her up the other day while wearing said pajamas and the sheer delight in her voice when she stood up and declared, “Mama has feetie jams too!” made my heart happy.

5) While praying with her at bedtime at my parents’ house, she reverently folded her arms and repeated phrases as Scott and I prompted her. In the middle of the prayer, we typically let her do freestyle thanking for things that she is grateful for, and then start prompting her again as we ask for blessings and finally close the prayer “We say these things.” “In the name of Jesus Christ.” “Amen.”

On this occasion, my mom happened to join us on our knees for the first time on the trip, and I’ll admit I was excited for her to hear what a good job Mackenzie does praying. It’s something we’ve done diligently with her and it’s typically a very sweet experience.

Well, that night, the prayer went something like this:

Scott: “Dear Heavenly Father”
Mackenize: “Father”

Scott: “We thank Thee for this beautiful day.”
Mackenize: “Beeyooful day.”

Scott: “We thank Thee for Mama.”
Mackenzie: “Mama.”

Scott: “and…”
Mackenzie: “and Daddy.”
Scott: “Yes, we thank Thee for Daddy.”

Mackenzie: “Gramma.”
Scott: “We thank Thee for Grandma.”

Mackenzie: “and Grandpa”
Scott: “We thank Thee for Grandpa.”

Mackenzie: “Reesey.”
Scott: “We thank Thee for cousin Reese.”

Mackenzie: “Jesus Christ.”
Scott, after opening his eyes halfway and shooting me a questioning look: “We thank Thee for Jesus Christ.”

(At this point I may have been sporting some Motherly pride as I thought of my toddler being sincerely grateful for Jesus Christ.)

Mackenzie, with enthusiasm: “Amen!”
At which point in time, Scott, my mom, and me, simultaneously erupt in poorly suppressed snorts and laughter.


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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One Response to Cute Things Mackenze Has Said Lately

  1. marfmom says:

    hahaha those are so sweet!


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