Complacency is a Killer

After nearly a week of no potty accidents, we ventured out to do some fun Christmas shopping for cousins.

We didn’t give it much thought, actually, because before tonight, Mackenzie had survived hours of church, cross country plane flights (both ways), hour-long runs, etc. in underwear without much drama. In fact, on multiple occasions she’d held it for 2 hours or more when confronted with a potty she did not find acceptable. We were so confident about her staying dry on this particular outing that in fact, we didn’t even think to bring a spare change of clothes.

*insert musical chords of doom here*

She unloaded a lot of pee right before we walked out the door, and the first stop was only 12 minutes away. Granted, she had been drinking a lot of water that night, but we were still in a bit of disbelief when she began imploring “Need to go potty!” starting about 8 minutes away from our house. We assured her we were “almost there”.

Well, the first store closed a few minutes before we arrived, so we drove on across the street to our next planned stop. Unfortunately, it was a big street and required waiting at a long light, a U turn, and wrapping around the block to get to the store. By the time we arrived, our reassurances had taken on a frantic tone and just seconds before I leaped out of the card to free her from the car seat and whisk her to the bathroom, we heard a very small voice say cheerfully, “Next time peepee on the potty.”

Yes, the wee child had wet her pants. No, we had no changes of clothes. Yes, we stripped her bottom half in the freezing cold and put a diaper on her and drove straight home in dejected silence.

So for all of you who exclaimed, “Oooh lucky!” when you heard Mackenzie started potty training herself at 22 months, beware. You might get what you wish for, and early (to us) potty-training has definitely caused some challenges!


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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One Response to Complacency is a Killer

  1. Camille Craw says:

    I’m sorry. It happens to the best of us! So looking forward to NOT worrying about if there will or will not be an accident. Rachel was what we thought as potty trained and now usually refuses to go potty except an occasional intrique with a public restroom. That will be nice to not have to include diapers in the budget. May you have an accident free week!


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