The Amazing Belize Video and Answers

A. 1 person spent the first two weeks in UT snowboarding and hanging out with family.

B. 2 people spent the first two weeks in CA working and hanging out with family.
Anne and Mackenzie

C. All of us went on 10 plane flights over the course of the month.

Hooray for airports!

D. 1 person decided that real monkeys don’t say “ooo-ooo ahh-ahh” . They say a throaty “Raaaahhhrrrrr!”

Mackenzie. Please see end of video for monkey sounds.

E. All of us jet skiied for the first time.

She was happy as a clam, despite being constantly sprayed in the face.

F. 1 person got a nap every single day.

Not these people:

Even though she did her fair share of sleeping:

(Let’s not talk about how someone took that picture while driving.)

Those are a lot of bug bites:

The main sleeper on the trip was indisputably me, but my dad managed to get pictures of everyone ELSE catching Zzz’s, ironically. 🙂

G. 2 people ziplined for the first time (through Guatemalan jungle, no less).

Please see video for complete coverage. I ziplined in Costa Rica so it was only a first time for Scott and Mackenzie. Contrary to the evidence presented in the video, she did enjoy herself. We just did it during naptime and separation from her daddy at some of the platforms was agony.

H. 1 person managed to pee out of an outfit, blow out of pajamas, and throw up all over her crib in one 5 hour period in Mexico city.

I. 1 person held a shark while snorkeling off San Pedro, Belize.

J. 1 person held a tarantula found on a tree in Guatemala.

I pretended to be nonchalant, but it was all a show to freak Scott out more. 😀

K. 1 person held a boa constrictor.

L. 1 person put her face up close to the snake and flicked her tongue in and out, regarding said snake dubiously.

Mackenzie. See video.

M. 1 person was shampooed with jaguar saliva.

N. 1 person was propositioned by a middle-aged Mexican man.

Funny story… apparently we stayed in the gay district of Mexico City and Scott went out alone one night to see the town… he had a hard time convincing this guy he had a wife and daughter and was truly NOT interested in the slightest.

O. 1 person fell fast asleep at the bottom of the canoe as we paddled after crocodiles by the light of the moon.

P. All of us hiked three separate sets of incredible ancient ruins (Tikal, Teotihuacan, Lamanai).

Q. 1 person did a high adventure caving expedition a la Indiana Jones seeking after human remains while….

R. 2 people canoed into a beautiful (but wussy) cave.

Anne and Mackenzie.

Not a caver:

S. 1 person was nauseous every single day.

But, we don’t talk about that anymore. Instead we eat this:

T. 1 person, despite being a vegetarian, spent most of the trip trying to find Gibnut to eat (a large rodent the Belizeans call “the royal rat” because the Queen ate it when she visited).


Note: There is a gibnut in the video. It’s the cute little spotted guy.

U. 1 person was so taken with the cute gibnuts, just the thought of a family member eating one was devastating.


No gibnuts were eaten, so I declare myself the winner! (Don’t tell Scott.)

V. 1 person is an olympics junkie and was thrilled to find a few hotels had TVs, enabling late-night fixes.


W. 1 person was given no fewer than three bananas from different admiring Belizeans over the course of our week in the country.

X. 2 people brushed up on Spanish with Rosetta Stone before the trip and loved speaking it every chance they got.

Anne and Scott.

Y. 1 person had the good fortune to acquire darling ringlets as soon as they reached the humid tropics.

Z. 1 person came home 11 weeks pregnant. Must have been something in the water.

Definitely Anne!

Our garbanzo at 11 weeks. He had his legs crossed, but don’t worry, we know the gender already. Anne knows it’s a boy. Scott knows it’s a girl. And Mackenzie (who, my mom points out, is freshest from heaven and therefore likely more tuned in to the gender of her sibling) knows it’s a boy.


And now without further ado… my dad’s marvelous video. It’s set to the perfect song because it’s actually about the island we stayed at on the coast of Belize.

Fun fact: My dad has always liked the song, despite the fact he thought the chorus said “Last night I dreamt of some Pedro”. It’s actually San Pedro. 🙂


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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5 Responses to The Amazing Belize Video and Answers

  1. Maya says:

    We just looked at the movie. Miles laughed when he saw the human bones, and every time that McKenzie came on.


  2. denise says:

    Amazing, amazing! That pic of you with the spider on your arm about makes me gag. I wouldn’t have been up for that. Love those amazing tropical curls on Macenzie.


  3. Jeannette says:

    That is an incredible video and those are incredible pictures!! We LOVED it! We are thrilled that you guys get to stay in Columbus – we miss you and hope to see you soon!


  4. Angie Kelly says:

    Congratulations!!!! I’m going to have to go over this post again to get it all. SO fun! And I am so glad you can settle your minds and are staying in Columbus!!! Yeah!


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