With Plague

One week ago, we piled in the car to see family. Mackenzie threw up no less than 11 separate times* before we arrived.

Then, the next day, when we thought she was fully recovered (and after eating blackberries for breakfast) (sorry, it had to be said), we got in the car for a short drive and she threw up everything she’d ever eaten in her life. Including the blackberries.

Then, we treated her very, very gently all day and sighed a breathe of relief when we tucked her into bed that night without any more excitement.

When I woke her up the next morning, I discovered she had thrown up sometime during the night. Judging by the state of things, it had been quite early in the night, poor thing.

That day she was listless, wouldn’t drink or eat hardly anything and started dozing off every few minutes. We took her to Urgent Care, where they promptly told us “we don’t rehydrate children.” They drew us a map to the nearest emergency room.

I was fairly anxious about traumatizing poor Mackenzie with an IV or any other kind of intervention, since she’d had such a rough couple of days and was already terrified of doctors’ offices. However those fabulous ER nurses gave Mackenzie a Zofran tablet to stick in her mouth (it tastes like candy!). In a matter of 30 minutes, she had completely turned the corner and was alert again and asking to eat.

They wanted her to pee so they could assess her hydration level. She hadn’t gone in 5 hours and wasn’t showing any signs of needing to, but once that Zofran kicked in and her nausea subsided, she started wanting to drink. After some pee finally made it through her system, we walked out of the place smiling ear to ear. We were giddy with relief.

The next day, no one threw up. That was a good day.

That night, however, I threw up everything I had ever eaten.

Then the day after THAT, Mackenzie threw up everything SHE had ever eaten.

Are you sick of reading this? Because I’m sick of writing this, and frankly I was sick of living this!

Thankfully we made it through and all seems to be well**.

It turns out even the blackberries wash out and two year olds are very resilient. Scott was a rock throughout and took such great care of his girls, it brought me to tears*** on several occasions.

*Perhaps if there is any interest I will share what we learned about containing mess and quick cleanups by the side of a trucking highway. However for now, I’ll spare the details.

** After 36 hours of no throw-up, we visited some cousins and we *may* have made one of them sick. As soon as it hit me and Mackenzie again, I felt terrible for visiting unsuspecting relatives. Now I am known as The Plague in my immediate family. Lovely.

*** Let’s remember, I am pregnant.

P.S. We spent a good deal of the time wondering whether the issue was carsickness, food poisoning, or a stomach bug. It appears to have been a stomach bug, with following crazy timeline, in case it helps someone else faced with a similar situation:
Friday afternoon – Saturday night : Mackenzie throws up 13 times.
Sunday : Zofran and she eats again!
Monday: Go visit unsuspecting cousins.
Monday night: Anne bites the dust. 4-5 episodes. It’s all a terrible haze, really.
Tuesday afternoon: Mackenzie unloads again. 1 truly spectacular display.
Wednesday – Thursday : Uneventful.
Thursday night: Tentatively blog with an All Clear.

So… how was your week? 🙂


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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7 Responses to With Plague

  1. Laura says:

    Gracious! I hope you are truly all clear–that sounded especially awful 😦 Hope you are enjoying your stay with family (even if they do think your a bit Plague-y 😉 )!!


  2. Maya says:

    ok that is WAY worse than whatever was floating around this part of the Bay! for us it was 12 hours of pure misery, then another day or two of feeling weak. hope you’re all better now for good!!!


    • beanland says:

      Hmmm… maybe Mackenzie had the Stomach Flu of Doom and then she and I both caught the local bug after that? That might make more sense than the same issue dragging out over 5 days for her.


      • Maya says:

        totally possible! i think everyone in our ward with kids caught it, and it spread through the playgroups to other wards.


  3. denise says:

    I know some people say they’d rather have a terrible stomach bug for a day than a cold that lingers forever but I have to say this is THE WORST!!! (some sad news for you is that it gets even worse when you have more people in the house for it to try and kill). Sounds like an aweful one .. . I sure hope you are all done.


  4. Jessica says:

    You know, my friend in Columbus has a little girl who has been on and off like that for like 8 days this past week. SO sad it hit you…so glad we didn’t have it driving to Vegas. I hope you are truly DONE with it!


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