The Mystery of the Missing Keys

Written July 2nd, 2010

Yesterday I dropped Scott off at the hospital in the morning. I had a Doctor’s appointment and I also squeezed in some more errands while I had the luxury of wheels.

Since I had his keys as well, I went over to the hardware store and made a copy of our house key. I had given mine to a neighbor ages ago and really needed one for me! After coming back and checking both his house key and my new copy to make sure they worked the same, I added the key to my key ring and moved on with my day, feeling good about crossing something off a long todo list.

I also hauled all four+ boxes and bins of recycling to the community center, cleaned up the house, got some work in and took a nap. Scott’s co-worker dropped him off that evening and I recounted the various things I had accomplished that day. “Great!” he said when I mentioned using his keys to have a new house key made. “So, where are my keys now?”

Excellent question and now, 36 hours later, it still haunts me.

We have a basket where we stash all keys, wallets, etc. when we walk in the door. It is where our keys always are (unless it’s winter and we’re talking about MY keys… and then odds are good they’re buried in one of my coat pockets).

These keys are not in the basket. Considering the state of our house right now, they really couldn’t be anywhere else. We pick up throughout the day and usually go to bed with a neat house. Considering the state of my pregnancy brain right now, these keys could be anywhere.

Locations I have checked:

– The car. Thoroughly.
– The kitchen, including the dishwasher and silverware drawer, and the key basket itself an embarrassing 20 times. I’ve eyed the trash can but have thus far resisted. We’ll see if my resolve fades tomorrow.
– Mackenzie’s baskets of toys. Including inside both her purses just in case she packed up the keys for a “shopping trip”.
– Under, behind, and between cushions on both couches.
– In our bathroom drawers.
– In our shoes.
– In Mackenzie’s stacks of books on each level of the house and in our library bookbag.
– In Mackenzie’s toy barn, in case she put the keys “to bed” with her animals.
– The basement. It’s pretty much spotless because I cleaned it thoroughly earlier this week, but that hasn’t stopped me from wandering around down there aimlessly several times in hopes of stumbling on the keys.

Update before publishing November, 2012:

Though I never finished the list, or this post, I had to publish it because it is so funny to me now.

First, because we never did find those keys. Maybe when we move next year?

Second, because now that I have three small children my basement is never spotless. 🙂


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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