Small belly, big baby

At my 30 week appointment, my Dr. was concerned about how small my belly was measuring, so she scheduled an ultrasound for my 32 week appointment.

Scott and I held our breath for two weeks. Well, he held his breath, while I tried to push my belly out to make it look bigger.

And, I ate. My weigh gain had leveled off a month before the appointment and while the doctor didn’t mention it, I did try consciously to overeat for the past couple of weeks. Not such an easy task when you gravitate towards naturally low calorie foods and you have a baby encroaching on your stomach space!

Today, we had the much anticipated ultrasound and discovered not only is the baby growing fine, but she’s between the 75th and 90th percentiles for size. 4lb 11oz was the estimate! My weight gain ended up being just shy of a half pound in the past two weeks, but apparently the baby is doing her thing just fine. 🙂

We were thrilled with the news, but less excited when it came to talking about the spotting I had yesterday (just the tiniest bit). That along with the fact that I’m dilated already (but just to a 1!), and that I’ve been contracting a lot, were enough to have the doctor ask me to “take it easy” for the next few weeks. That means avoiding lifting Mackenzie and no more walking to the hospital and back (a 4 mile roundtrip), among other things. Bummer. I’ve walked 55 miles towards my goal and I certainly feel fitter, but the 2 week break wipes out all chances I have of meeting my goal before this baby arrives.

On the upside: I had the tech check baby #2’s neck in the ultrasound and there’s no sign of a cord wrapping around it. Though we can’t tell if her cord will be as long as Mackenzie’s, it was reassuring to hear she’s not all tangled up in it. She’s head-down, and very active. Oh, and no matter what… I won’t have to be induced “from scratch” because hey, I’m already dilated a little! 😀


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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6 Responses to Small belly, big baby

  1. manwaringfam says:

    Glad to hear that baby is cooking well! I too am a little worried about my weight gain too. I beefed up when visiting family in AZ, but now that I am back to the grind of mommyhood and eating healthy (not as healthy as you, but healthy for me), I only gained a pound in 4 weeks. Baby is measuring fine though at last appointment, but that was a week ago and I still haven’t gained any weight? Isn’t it weird how we are worried we are gaining too much, worrying we are gaining too little….it never ends.

    I hope your little one stays in there a little longer and cooks some more! I am sure everything will go well!!! 🙂


  2. Jessica says:

    Somehow I am not surprsied that your belly belly is small. That is the Anne way! I was contracting a lot recently too…we came to the conclusion to take it easy and I really needed to be drinking more water. That has helped tons. Hope all else is well. We miss you guys and Columbus!


  3. Laura says:

    Glad for the update! So happy you and baby are doing well!! You are doing great–can’t wait to see the next Baby Girl Bean 🙂


  4. Lauren Stacey says:

    I was wondering why I haven’t seen you out walking lately. Let me know if I can help you “take it easy”. Mackenzie is always welcome at our house…chopstick free!


  5. Liz says:

    Yikes! Glad the baby is a good size. Rest up! The word “contractions” always brings on post-traumatic stress for me. 🙂


  6. Andrea says:

    I’m so glad you gave us all the update. Hang in there! Sometimes “taking it easy” can drive me nuts. . . while other times, I wish that I could do nothing else.
    I can’t believe you only have 8 weeks left! So exciting! Good luck in these next few months.


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