Baby names

We don’t like to talk about specific names before a baby is born, except within our immediate family. We find out the gender ahead of time, so the name is one “surprise” we like to hold onto until birth. People also feel more free to give opinions on a name before the baby is born, and I’d rather just people smile and nod if they happen to not love the name we choose. 🙂

Additionally, there’s always the chance that the new baby will strike me as a better fit for one name than another. We chose the name Mackenzie before she was born, but right there in the delivery room it seemed to fit and that extra assurance was a bit of a relief!

The requirements

I’ve been actively looking through baby names lately, hoping to stumble on one that works with our last name, with our naming philosophy and that both Scott and I like. Tricky business, that.

Bean is a fantastic last name, but it does cause one pause when selecting a first name.

Irene Bean? No can do.

Kail Bean? Oh you know that’s tempting, but we’ll probably have to leave the produce department for the first name.

We tend to like more traditional names (Mackenzie being a rare exception) and are especially adamant about spelling names “normally”. I’d rather have my son know two other Johns than have to explain his entire life that his name has an extra “n” in it and no “h”. J – O – N – N . I know people in the opposite camp, who want their child to have a unique name and I can respect that. However, we’re so firm on this point that it’s actually caused us to dismiss a few potential names because we couldn’t agree on what the “normal” spelling is!

The contested middle name

I had no middle name before I got married, and now I use my maiden name as my middle name. I love it that way.

Mackenzie has no middle name.

But Scott has a middle name he likes for baby #2. I contend that you can’t give ONE daughter a middle name and not another. How would we explain that to them? Of course, I’m also biased and would prefer all of our daughters to be middle-name-less.

Decisions, decisions.

Our daughter, the son

The meaning and origin of the name are far less important to us, though I have gotten desperate enough this time around to check the meaning just in case that makes the name more endearing to me. Unfortunately, I also made the mistake of checking the meaning of names I already liked! Bad move, as it turns out.

I knew that Mackenzie was Scottish and that’s one of the reasons I liked it. However, I just discovered that Mackenzie means “Son of Kenneth”. Nice. Hopefully that won’t cause her pain later in life when she looks for some rich meaning in her name.

Kenzie, one of our many nicknames for her, means “descendant of the handsome man”. I think we’ll go with that meaning instead.

“Honey, your dad was so good-looking, we wanted to choose a name for you that reflected that.”

Can you tell the naming pressure is getting to me? Any name suggestions?

About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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10 Responses to Baby names

  1. wendeerosella says:

    The meaning of a name is usually really important to me, that’s what I looked for first… before my kids were born. But I have no idea what Vienne means, since we kind of made it up, and Everett means “wild boar herd.” So… there’s that.

    We just liked the way the names sounded, and the way they looked with our last name. They do have middle names that mean something or are family names. But with first names, the look and sound is what got us, not the meaning. And we do like more uncommon names, but nothing too crazy. Though poor Vienne will probably have to say “It’s like Vienna, without the A” her whole life. 🙂

    The pediatrician in the hospital when Everett was born said his was a great name because it met her criteria… Spellable, pronounce-able, and clearly a boy. They’d had a baby named Spencer a few days earlier, and it was a girl. 😦

    I’m sure whatever you two have in mind for the next Baby Bean will be just perfect. I’m so excited for you!


  2. Maya says:

    I’m with you on not revealing the name ahead of time! I made the mistake of telling a few people, just friends, NOT family, the names we were considering for Miles and then they all gave input. And I didn’t really want input, lol. We didn’t end up choosing his name till we saw him, but this time around we have a first name picked out that we both love and are still hashing out the middle name.

    And interestingly, we had a similar conversation about middle names to you and Scott. I wanted to do 2 middle names for awhile and Mark didn’t think that was fair to Miles since he has just one. I think it’s easy explainable in that each child got the name that was meant for him/her. 🙂

    I’m sure whatever name(s) you two pick will be perfect for your little girl!


  3. Jessica says:

    Just thought I would let you know that we are HIGHLY considering Annie for our little gal. I’ve always liked it.


  4. lisa (lost pezhead) says:

    I’ll all for the normal spelling of things! I don’t care so much the origin, but if it has special meaning, like a family name or something I think that is nice. I actually think Mackenzie is a pretty normal name. I LOVE middle names, I never heard of not having a middle name unitl I went out west (maybe it’s an out west mormon thing). Being from the South, though, you HAVE to have a middle name. Plus having a middle name is nice for family history reasons, at least one of all our kids names (either first or middle) is a family name. I think it would be okay to have 1 kid w/ one and 1 w/o. plus my maiden name is Johnson and I dropped it for my middle name…I think Michelle sounds better and I got to choose when I got married which I’d keep.


    • beanland says:

      Oh yeah, I forgot the whole southern middle name thing. Angie would probably be mortified to hear my girls won’t have middle names. Hehe.

      It’s a good point about being able to choose which name you keep… but who wouldn’t choose Bean?!? C’mon now… 😉


      • Maya says:

        OR she could keep them all! I hyphenated my last name. It’s Brasilian tradition to keep them all. 🙂 Lisa, I hadn’t heard of it either till I had more friends out West…I definitely think it’s a West Mormon thing!


  5. lisa (lost pezhead) says:

    ps I like Samantha and Danielle (but those could be Sam and Danni). Of course, Charley is a nickname for Charlotte, so who knows!


  6. sheaf says:

    Wait, you’re pregnant? When did that happen?


  7. I’ve always like Nicholas and Leonardo. I’m currently pregnant with my first child so now besides looking for the importance of having the right baby name, it’s also the baby room i’m stressed about.


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