Residency so far

Moving right down my blogging to do list, I see I have yet to mention how Scott’s family medicine residency is treating our little family.

I composed most of this post and realized it sounded pretty negative, so I deleted it and started again. Yes, residency is busy, but that’s not unexpected and not all that fun to write or read about. Overall we are doing really well and are very grateful to be in this position.

With that in mind, my favorite ten things about residency are as follows:

  1. Making money instead of paying money. As much as Scott appreciates my contribution to the family income, I know he feels really good about actually putting money into our bank account rather than pulling it out! It’s really rewarding to have his schooling “pay off” so that he is able to provide for our family.
  2. Residency is much more fulfilling than medical school. Most days he comes home feeling like he was really able to help patients.
  3. He’s learning so much every day and comes home brimming with things to share and talk about.
  4. Because he is busier, it’s really shown me how much he values his time with me and with Mackenzie. He’s very protective of it now and I see him make decisions like surviving on less sleep so he can sneak in an hour of Mackenzie time each day. (Night float = not my favorite)
  5. Walking to visit him at the hospital. I haven’t been able to do it the last few weeks because I’m taking it easy but it is a great way to sneak in some extra family time, get some fresh air and exercise and see him in his element. It was especially key for Mackenzie to understand where he is all day (and all night). She saw where he sleeps when he’s on call, where he eats dinner, etc. and often explains to me that he will come home “after he’s all done staying in the little bed with two pillows and helping people feel better.”
  6. I have much more consistent access to our shared car than I did in medical school, because it’s easy to drop him off or walk the 2 miles to fetch the car. That’s meant more library trips, more playgroups, regular farmer’s market visits, and easier doctor appointments.
  7. It’s really nice to have a doctor around. Mackenzie fell down the stairs yesterday and Scott knew just what to look for and was able to quickly assure me she was ok, though we were all shaken up by it.
  8. He appreciates my cooking more than ever. The cafeteria food is not bad, but it’s limited as far as healthy vegetarian options go and one can only get the salad bar so many times before one decides Anne’s cooking makes the world go round.
  9. He looks GOOD in the longer white coat. Those short coats they have you wear in medical school are just not as flattering. Some days the coat goes over scrubs and other days it’s over a snappy shirt and tie with slacks. I like it all. I’m just sayin’. đŸ™‚
  10. He’s happy. I really believe it’s crucial to find what you love and love what you do. I’ll be honest, there were days in medical school where I wondered about this path we were on, but Scott knew this career would make him happy and it’s paying off already. He enjoys going to work and comes home tired but ready to play and be engaged with the other parts of his life.

About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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3 Responses to Residency so far

  1. Jessica says:

    Hear hear! They are good men aren’t they? I am proud of both of them and proud of you and me as well!


  2. Meg Larsen says:

    I’m grateful for residents. I just had two deliver my baby this weekend as both of my on call obs were occupied when the time came!

    best of luck in your last few months.


  3. evaliern says:

    I just found your blog and really appreciate your positive list! My husband is in his 4th year of med school and we are somewhat dreading his intern year :/ Thanks for the encouragement!


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