35 weeks – the belly shots

At my last appointment, the doctor says I measured at 33 weeks (and at the time I was 34 1/2) so apparently I’m back on track in terms of belly size.

I can tell ya, I feel HUGE and way more awkward than I remember being at this stage of my pregnancy with Mackenzie.

By way of comparison, here are the nearest belly pictures I have from then, taken at 38w4d:

And here I am at 35w0d with this pregnancy:

The Scorecard

Anxiety – much less anxiety about actually taking care of a baby, but I am definitely more nervous about breastfeeding than I was last time, and I’m more anxious about WHEN the baby will show up this time because I have a more complex schedule now with work, Mackenzie, Scott’s shifts at the hospital, and church responsibilities. I’m less anxious about labor and more anxious about recovering from it.
Baby activity – this one is a mover and a shaker just like Mackenzie. I’m at the stage where my belly is nearly always lopsided and people across the room can easily “count the kicks” should they wish to do so.
Band of fire – With Mackenzie, a swath of skin across my belly at the base of the rib cage just seemed to be on fire constantly for the last three months. It finally went completely numb before she was due and it took several months for any feeling to return. I’ve had a similar thing this time but (so far) it hasn’t been nearly as constantly uncomfortable.
Contractions – I wasn’t aware of ANY with my previous pregnancy and I’ve been having several every day since about 25 weeks, sometimes several an hour (like when I’m out walking)
Diastasis Recti – No pain this time. Apparently my muscles did all their ripping apart with Mackenzie and they’re fine now. You couldn’t tell they were separated before this pregnancy, but now when I sit up, my stomach pokes out in the middle so it’s pretty obvious there’s still a gap there.
Excitement – Equal to when we had Mackenzie. Maybe even more, because I know how amazing and complex this tiny person will be.
Fitness – I’m not nearly as fit I was during last pregnancy, which has me worried a bit for labor.
General discomfort – I feel like I started waddling far sooner with this pregnancy. The baby seems really low and between the contractions and the frequent “twinges”, things just seem a bit less stable than I would like. I *may* have even commented to Scott on more than one occasion that I was pretty sure the baby was going to just show up any second. With Mackenzie, she seemed content to stay put until past my due date and I just feel like this baby won’t wait so long. Of course, I also “just felt” that this baby was a boy. So there ya go.
Migraines – thankfully I’ve had very few this pregnancy and I was prepared from last time with pills to take immediately
Morning sickness – I think it was worse with this pregnancy, but Scott reminds me I have a short-term memory 🙂
Reflux – new (and awful) for this pregnancy
Restless legs – about the same as last pregnancy. Starting around halfway and helped immensely by wearing compression stockings.
Scott – Super supportive. He continually informs me that not only am I a cute pregnant lady but he thinks I’m gorgeous, big belly and all. He has thanked me a lot more this pregnancy for being willing to give over my body to carry our children, and I’m not sure whether that’s because I’ve been complaining too much or because he knows what’s coming (labor, delivery, recovery, and a year+ of breastfeeding and then hopefully a repetition of the cycle).
Stretch marks – None on my belly with Mackenzie until the week before I was due (plenty on my hips). No new ones thus far this pregnancy.
Support stockings – Still as wonderful and horrible as they were with my previous pregnancy. To ward off restless legs and varicose veins (I have a predisposition for both), I started wearing them at 30 weeks this time. I feel so much better when I wear them, but it’s frustrating to have to wear pants every day in the summer (or look like a loon with socks, shoes, and “beige” or black stockings). They’re hot (temperature-wise) and I am self-conscious about my hips because I’m always having to keep track of so many layers there that I feel like something is always exposed or bunched up.
Weight Gain – I’m pretty sure I’ll be around the same as last pregnancy, ~25 lbs total with most gained early on and then leveling off about 2/3 of the way through.

That reads like a long list of gripes, but if you’ve been pregnant you know the good things far outweigh the bad. The fact is, the good stuff is nearly all delayed until the actual birth of the baby. 🙂

More pictures

I had to laugh at this one because of the hopefully oblivious random neighbor-guy walking past in ~10 frames while I expose my blossoming belly to the world.

Another one that made me laugh – this time about the logistics of bending over while pregnant. I’m constantly asking Mackenzie to please pick up things off the ground for me and she always eyes me as if to say “this is easy stuff, Mom!” Not so, my dear.

Love this one of her kissing my belly. She’d never done it before but as soon as I suggested it, she was game. She’s already smitten with Baby Sister.

Most days, she also has a baby in her tummy. Yesterday it was “Baby Bert”. Yes, Bert is still beloved in the house of Bean. I think the following dialog best illustrates what Mackenzie knows regarding the impending arrival of Baby Sister:

“Baby Bert is in my tummy swimming in the pool. He is nakey and when’s he’s born he doesn’t have any hair. Just fuzz. But then he grewed and grewed and now he has hair and shoes that are stuck to his feet. So I can hold him.”


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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4 Responses to 35 weeks – the belly shots

  1. Laura says:

    Completely adorable!!


  2. denise says:

    congrats! you look great.


  3. Liz says:

    So fun! We are so excited to have another little niece to dote over. Being an Auntie is the BEST.

    Give Mackenzie loves from us.

    Liz, Don and monkeys


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