Festivals and Franklin Park Conservatory

The realization that we have three more years in Columbus lit a fire under me and Scott to do more “Columbus-things”. We have had four years to explore the city and really haven’t even brushed the surface.

So this summer we tried to hit some of the things we’ve been meaning to see and make sure we didn’t miss out on past years’ favorites.

We gave the Asian Festival a try

It was bigger than we had expected, and very busy, but underwhelming in terms of actual things to see and do. It seems most people were shopping and eating (not necessarily Asian) food from the booths. It made for a fun hour or so of walking around, but we likely won’t be back next year.

Our favorite festival

The Columbus Arts Festival is fantastic every year. Last year we bought a beautiful wooden train that now sits on top of our piano, and this year we bought two pieces of art for Mackenzie’s room (pics in a later post) that we have actually been thinking about since last year’s festival. We always have fun browsing and speaking with the artists, and it never disappoints with the variety of art represented!

One of several enormous sculptures made entirely of nails.

A gorgeous ark by the same man who made our train. One day…

Franklin Park Conservatory

We had been hearing about how great the conservatory was since we moved here, but hadn’t made the trip there until this summer. It was amazing. The indoor gardens are gorgeous, the glass-blowing demonstration is fascinating (especially to chemistry geeks) and the butterfly room is just magical for a two-year-old (and yes, for her parents too).

I had to include this photo because it totally sums up my life right now. I look tired and utterly happy, yes? Mackenzie is at such a great age and I’m soaking up every minute of her while I still have the luxury of one-on-one time.


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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