State Fair 2010

Scott surprised me by coming home from a rough week of work and whisking me and Mackenzie off to the state fair. We have gone almost every year we’ve lived in Columbus, but this year I thought he’d be too wiped out and I had silently shelved it for next year.

We had a marvelous time.

Mackenzie got off to the wrong foot by nearly breaking down as we entered into the sheep barn. There was straw on the floor and she didn’t want to get her shoes messy. She is seriously different than most two year olds as far as messiness in concerned. She warmed up to the animals (and their accompanying straw) pretty quickly though, and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the night.

The highlight for all of us was petting brand-new baby lambs. One was very attached to Mackenzie and they seriously spent ten solid minutes of bonding time while the surrounding crowd looked on and oooohed and awwwed. Scott and I looked at each other when we finally went to leave that area and we both agreed that if that were the ONLY thing good to happen at the fair, it would be more than worth it.

Of course that wasn’t the ONLY good thing about the fair. We also wore Mama (that’s me) right out with all the walking, saw lots of horses all prettied up to pull beautiful carts, drank home-brewed sarsaparilla, and got up close and personal with rabbits, crazy looking chickens, cows and pigs.


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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One Response to State Fair 2010

  1. Maya says:

    how fun! i miss the state fair. we took miles to a couple of the local county fairs this summer. he particularly loved the goat at the alameda county fair and promptly smooshed his face into its side. said goat was very tolerant! :-p


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