Garden update

As a follow-up to this post, in which I bemoaned how late we got our garden in, I am happy to report it’s been a great year for growing. Now that may have something to do with my low-expectations given our limited growing space and my lack of desire to weed with a growing belly.

Nevertheless, here’s an updated list:

Purchased Plants

1 grape tomato – This is the scraggliest tomato plant I’ve ever seen, but has tons of tomatoes on it and propped up by the cage, has miraculously survived the summer storms thus far.

3 jalapeno peppers, in pots – They’ve done very well. Now I need to read up on freezing them, since we only go through a couple peppers a week and I have dozens turning red on the plants!

I took all the photos after a long hot day, so things look a bit wilty but they perk up after the sun sets.

3 musk melons – We have yet to taste any, but there are a half dozen growing right now. One looks beautiful, some others look kinda half-formed and funky, and one was taken by a critter when it was half-way ripe. Note to self: must find out how to tell when to pick these!

3 eggplants (the long skinny type, whose name eludes me) – These have produced super well, and we made a fabulous but very time-intensive favorite dish of Scott’s entirely from eggplants in our garden. It’s called Split Peas with Honey-Sweetened Eggplant and it’s got an amazing complexity of flavor. We use half the oil, make twice the eggplant compote and eat it with homemade whole wheat pita bread.

sage – thriving. Though Scott was determined to grow it, I’m fairly certain we have yet to use it. I told him since I paid $1.50 for the plant, he needs to find a way to use some before the end of the summer to help us break even on that one. 😉

rosemary – thriving and will come in handy when we start making more fall-type dishes.

2 acorn squash – These totally failed. One I foolishly planted in a 5 gallon bucket, having run out of room elsewhere. It thrived until it outgrew the bucket and produced one cute and tiny baby squash that never matured. Then it promptly gave up on life. The plant in the front appears to be big, and had one baby squash that fell off the vine before maturing, but hasn’t seen any action since then.

From seed

Butternut squash – I think we have 4 or 5 squashes growing from the 4 seeds that sprouted (I planted 2 close together in one spot and 2 close together in another spot) but I think they’re just getting started and should produce into the fall. I love these and can’t wait to eat our first couple. Plus, the baby squashes are darling dontcha know.

Crookneck squash – We’ve grown these every year with success, but this year after producing for a few weeks a horde of grey beetley-looking spidery-bugs (further research *may* be needed) took over the plants and they quickly withered to nothing. 😦

Carrots – They’re putting in a solid above-ground showing, but it’s what’s under the ground that counts and I haven’t taken a peek yet. I dug up the ground really well before planting and thinned them out aggressively so hopefully they will grow straight and fat. Carrots are inexpensive to buy but they were the one plant last year that Mackenzie really got excited about so I was determined to grow more this year. There is magic in pulling up something beautiful and colorful and recognizable straight from the dirt, scrubbing it off and crunching on it immediately.

Scott did make a fabulous carrot top soup last year so even if we only had greens, I would still be happy. As long as HE cooked the soup, that is. It was fairly time-intensive as I recall. 😉

Leeks – They are still super skinny, almost like green onions. I recall the seed packet said they took a long time to grow, so we’re just waiting them out.

Swiss Chard – Producing very well, for our little patch. We consistently received chard in our CSA so we actually haven’t used any from the backyard yet but this week is the week.

Basil – Always a strong one in our backyard, it hasn’t disappointed this year. I’ve used it several times a week and I’m determined to freeze it before it starts to get bitter in the fall.


Our thyme lasted the whole winter and needs to be trimmed back! – As expected, the summer has been good to it. 🙂

One lone and lovely pumpkin-looking plant is flourishing. We’ll see what it turns out to be. 🙂 – Pumpkins! We have 3-4 growing, including a gorgeous big orange guy. Who wants a jack-o-lantern in August. Anyone? Anyone?

Can you spot the orange one? Mackenzie lifts up the leaves to check on it every time we go outside. I’m confident that the cute pie-pumpkin-looking one in the front will shortly grow into a monstrosity. 🙂

Did I mention we have tolerant neighbors? Here is our front yard:


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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One Response to Garden update

  1. Maya says:

    Nice! Our garden did not fair so well this year at all. Since we have to do a porch garden we have to pick smaller plants and Mark chose to create a salsa themed garden. Then someone stole our chili pepper plant. Most everything else has died after producing very, very little. We still have a green pepper plant that looks promising, only when Mark bought it at Walmart it promised yellow peppers. Lol! Sooo…hopefully the CSA comes through for us but so far we’re 0-2, having not received our promised shipment in the past 2 weeks. We’ll give it one more week and then cancel.


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