I’m a 3

And, my doctor actually said “see you next week” and then paused and with a straight face added, “if not before then!”

She must have read panic on my face because she reassured me, “I do think you’ll make it to 37 weeks, but you never know.”

Um, 37 weeks is in three days. I’m NOT ready to have this baby yet!

I’m dilated to a 3 and 70% effaced but I have way too much to do before we meet Baby Bean.

A partial list:

– I need to figure out our infant car seat. We took it apart to wash it after Mackenzie graduated to a convertible seat and after I put it back together, I ended up with two extra pieces. Not good.

Incidentally, I thought I liked that seat until I tried to clean it. Impossible. Mackenzie’s new seat strips down like a charm and even has two pads on the bottom so if she has an accident on the first one, we simply remove it and we’re good to go while it’s being washed and dried.

– I need to set up our sleeping arrangements. I am thinking the crib will go in my room and Scott will sleep on the sofa (when we have visitors) and in the basement on the blow-up mattress (when we don’t). Once this baby sleeps through the night somewhat, we’ll move the crib into Mackenzie’s room.

– I need to finish my Blurb book! I made one that covers the time up until Mackenzie’s birth, and this second book should cover up until this baby’s birth. The only problem is… I’m stuck in February of 2009.

– I need to finish my cookbook. I realize this seems unrelated to the baby’s arrival, but I’m loving how it’s going so far and it would be so handy to have all my favorite recipes at my fingertips for those first few crazy months.

– I need to wait for the cavalry to arrive. Scott’s mom won’t be here for another three weeks. It seemed reasonable to have her arrive right around my due date, but my doctor has put the fear in me.

– I need to get up my courage for labor and delivery. I’m on the fence about an epidural at this point, and I know if I am going to skip it I’d better be ready for what’s coming.

– I need Scott to enjoy his easy rotation. He has another week in heaven. No call, be at work by 8:30, home at a decent hour … heaven. If he’s going to get a couple days off when the baby comes, I’d hate to have them be such easy days! 🙂

Following this rotation, he is scheduled for call every 3-4 nights for a few months and then every 4th night for many more months after that. Ouch.

In summary, yes I waddle a little and tying my shoes is way trickier than it once was, but I would like to keep this baby inside for a while longer. Got that, Garbanzo?


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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6 Responses to I’m a 3

  1. Laura says:

    Anne!! This is really exciting! I understand you wanting your full 40 week allowance for gestation, especially with regard to Scott’s work schedule.

    Another friend of mine did the mom and baby rooming and the dad in the basement bit and it worked out well for them. Hope that gives you more confidence.

    Anne, epidural or not, you are going to give birth to another beautiful Bean girl. The way I’ve heard you talk about Mackenzie’s birth, I KNOW you’ve got what it takes to do this. Give me a call if you need a pep talk 🙂 I’d be happy to try and field any questions or concerns about birth without an epidural.

    Can’t wait to meet your newest addition to the family!…..but I’ll say a prayer that I have to wait a little while more 😉


  2. Meg Larsen says:

    you can do it! however it works out you’ll be able to handle it, I’m sure.

    Good luck in your last few weeks!


  3. littleraskills says:

    Haha. Love that you’re totally nesting. I miss those days. Sorta.



  4. Maya says:

    It’s so exciting! You know, the fire station apparently helps put together and install infant carseats. Who knew? So, if you’re stumped, check them out.

    You’re going to be a rockstar when you deliver. You’re doing what your body was made to do. You can TOTALLY do it without an epidural if that’s what you decide; there are all kinds of things you can do to help manage the pain (or so my midwife and doula friends tell me). And if you decide to go with an epidural, you’ll rock that too!

    I hope Baby Bean decides to wait till you’ve got your to-do list finished, Scott’s on a different rotation, and your MIL is there. 🙂


  5. manwaringfam says:

    So jealous! I went to the doctor yesterday, at almost 39 weeks, and I am dilated to a 2 and barely effaced. My midwife said the babies head is still way up high. 😦 Sounds like I’m not going anywhere for a while!

    Have fun getting your to do list done and good luck with your delivery!!!!


  6. lisa (lost pezhead) says:

    well let me know if you need help after baby comes. calder & evan are in school so i can babysit or run an errand for you etc. i hope it works out well. just relax!!


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