Happy Birthday, Mom!

Written September 3rd, 2010

Yesterday Mackenzie and I happened to be watching some old video clips of my family, and this segment my dad put together a few years back of my mom took my breath away:

Watching it made me realize that my mother not only raised me with wisdom and love, but in many ways she taught me how to be a mom. Of course I didn’t see it at the time, because she was always just “Mom” to me, but now that I know her as a person and as a friend, I clearly see how fully she embraced her role as a mom.

She is not a runner, and she doesn’t care for swimming at all, but the video shows her doing lots of running to help my brother learn how to ride his bike, and she’s swimming with me in the pool with a smile on her face. I was reminded me that she is also NOT a roller coaster fan, but we lived very close by a huge amusement park and she spent many, many summer days there with her kids who adored the rides. She brought a book and packed in snacks (frugal to the core) and patiently waited outside each ride for us.

My mom and my dad both embraced the philosophy that to develop a great relationship with your kids, you need to get excited about what they are excited about. They believe this to their cores and it was the motivation for moving across the country to the Silicon Valley when my oldest brother showed a consistent passion for computers. My dad was a geophysicist and switching industries with the move, he was hired by Steve Jobs and the rest is history. He and my brother built a business that employs every member of my immediate family, and an aunt!

My parents’ philosophy has truly paid dividends in my family as all of my siblings and I are close to my parents and we all enjoy spending time together. It’s also kept my parents young and fit. 🙂

My mom on a trampoline:

Roller coasters are a no, but water rides are a big YES:

She was my biggest soccer cheerleader:

Recent photos added September, 2012


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