How I’m Faring On My Own

The gravy train left the station this morning.

It wasn’t pretty.

8:50 am – I return from dropping my mom off at the airport so tired I had to keep making strange faces to stay awake. I haul Caitlyn’s car seat upstairs so both girls are with me in my room. I set an alarm, explain that I’m going to have a quick rest, and collapse in bed. I hand the iPhone to Mackenzie to play with. She gets Stinky Blanket and climbs up in bed with me.

9:00 am – Stinky is too close for comfort (the name is well-deserved). Talk Mackenzie into giving me a little breathing room.

9:01 am – Fall asleep.

9:15 am – Wake up when Mackenzie’s version of snuggling turns into full-blown gymnastics. Ask her to please play on the floor instead of the bed.

9:16 am – Fall asleep.

9:30 am – Alarm rings. Caitlyn wakes up hungry. Feed her while reading “Scrambled Eggs Super” to Mackenzie.

10:05 am – I lay Caitlyn down to change her diaper and she throws up* all the milk she just drank all over her outfit, my outfit, and the changing pad.

10:08 am – New outfit for her and new changing pad. Change her diaper but I’m too slow with the new one and she pees all over herself and the changing pad.

10:12 am – New outfit for Caitlyn. Consider bathing her but realize she’s now starving and Mackenzie has been up for two and a half hours and still hasn’t had breakfast.

10:13 am – Feed Caitlyn again. Help Mackenzie dress, one-handed. Scowl at growing pile of laundry in the corner**.

11:00 am – Head downstairs, leaving a tornado in my wake, to feed Mackenzie the oatmeal that is still on the stove from where my mom made it four hours before.

11:59 am – Finish cleaning up blueberry oatmeal on bowls, spoons, chair, table, and Mackenzie’s hands and face. Add to the laundry pile.

12:00 pm – Write off lunch. Pine for Grandma.

*Caitlyn throws up an entire feeding on average of once a day. I’m still trying to understand why this happens, but it seems to be because of my really strong let-down. She gulps and gets a gas bubble so far down it won’t come up without bring everything else up with it. I have to keep her upright for a long time after a feeding to avoid the “yak” and even then, it’s not a guarantee.

**Because I have an over-abundance of milk, and a strong let-down, and a baby prone to throw up… I have a new load of laundry to do every time I turn around. It’s almost comical. Almost.


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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7 Responses to How I’m Faring On My Own

  1. Andrea says:

    Oh, Anne! That’s rough! It’s so hard sometimes! Just know that all mornings won’t be that hard. It gets easier and easier . . . I wish I were there to help in the meantime.

    Now, if you could just share your over-abundance with my under-abundance, life would be perfect for both of us.


  2. Jessica says:

    So I’m not the only one with a mountain of laundry!? Hooray. I feel better. Sorry it’s at your expense. I enjoyed your play by play…hope you catch up on some zzzzs soon.


  3. Jaylene says:

    Oh I hope things get easier. Lydia also threw up at least one feeding a day, and it lasted for several months. We actually have a comical picture of Steve with vomit coating everything. She is getting better, and while I can’t say it has totally stopped, she’s only throwing up once a week or so. I hope Caitlyn gets over it quicker!

    We miss you guys too.


  4. littleraskills says:

    This description takes me back to my days of having 3 under 2. Complete exhaustion. Hang in there!



  5. Camille Craw says:

    She’ll be smiling soon and then it will make the laundry melt away! It is nice though that you have lots of milk! I worry about my milk supply but Ben slept 5 hours straight last night…he must be doing ok. If I could get rid of his between 4-7 am grunting while sleeping I might feel rested! Good luck! In a few weeks, you’ll think-2 kids piece of cake! 🙂


  6. Lonica says:

    Anne, I’m sorry to hear that! I hope the rest of the day went better and Mackenzie took an afternoon nap for you.


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