Another Festival

During Scott’s week off, he researched some fun activities to do near Columbus. He was particularly excited about a festival that weekend about an hour’s drive away.

So, we piled into the car with the girls and got ready for an adventure.

Scott wore a classy leather coat over a green and tan striped sweater:

Mackenzie wore a brown floral hoodie, brown corduroys, and new lace-up shoes (Yes, lace-ups. No wonder they were the cheapest ones at Target! #$%# Only a clueless mom would get them home before noticing 😉 ):

And I wore Caitlyn:

And as for everyone else at the festival? Well, sometimes pictures are better than words:

Yep, we went to the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

The people watching was plentiful, and there were a few cool shops and several shows:

There was even live jousting and we grabbed front row seats early so it was especially exciting.

It was a huge production with thousands of people in attendance, but at $20/person it fell a bit short of expectations.

We spent most of the afternoon wading through endless shops where surly shopkeepers watched Mackenzie’s every move and the kid-centric attractions seemed to cost extra money. With older kids it would have been more fun, I think.

Especially if our children were really into wearing tunics.


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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One Response to Another Festival

  1. Maya says:

    i have a couple friends from high school that go every year and make their own gowns. mark also went when he was in highschool, in tights and a tunic (his girlfriend’s idea). i however, have never had the opportunity to go. they have one here and we were going to try to hit it this year but missed it by one weekend. maybe next year!


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