All I Could Do Is Shake My Head

… In Shame

At a rare Target visit a week ago, Caitlyn was hollering and I was a little rushed but I was determined to cross some things off my list. I picked up a couple of cheap Rubbermaid totes in bright red (a holiday special) but couldn’t find any lids that fit. I schlepped my girls all the way to the front of the store for help, only to be told the “matching” lids were green.

Back to the aisle I went, and easily found the green lids. I counted off “One, two” lids to go with the two totes I had grabbed earlier, and started wheeling the cart away.

Mackenzie asked politely, “Is that the number of lids we need, Mama?”

“Yes,” I replied, pleased with my patience despite the delays and the squawking baby. “One, two to go with the one, two bins.”

“And which lid is on top of the one two lids?” She asked, just as politely.

I checked and sure enough, I had grabbed three lids. I was out-counted by a two-year-old. Nice.

… In Amazement

We had a Friday night family outing planned to an exciting new grocery store that opened nearby (Giant Eagle Marketplace, for you locals). We were going to eat dinner there and hit some sweet produce sales.

What? That’s not what YOU do on a Friday night? You’re reading the wrong blog, my friend.

Scott had worked every night that week and we were looking forward to getting some quality time in as a family. In a frustrating turn of events, he was stuck at the hospital for an extra two hours and it was 8 o’clock (bedtime on a normal night) by the time we finally arrived at the store.

Scott and Mackenzie’s first stop was the soap table where they sniffed each handcut bar in turn. They are both sniffers of things and thus spent a good chunk of time exclaiming over the various scents.

As we continued to check out the rest of the store, Mackenzie holding each of our hands while Scott and I chatted about his work day, she interjected politely:

“Excuse me, Mama and Daddy. I believe you mentioned something about buying food once we got to the store?”

Exact quote. This girl was hours overdue for dinner and the phrase was so eloquent and meekly spoken, Scott and I just busted up laughing and whisked her off to the hummus bar.

We’ve been working on manners lately, but this blew my mind. Apparently she did not inherit her mama’s propensity for severe grumpiness when she’s hungry. 😉

About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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