My Journaling

Since this post a couple of weeks ago, I’ve started doing three things:

  1. Daily Journal – On my computer in a format that will translate well to a 10-year journal if I decide to go that route. It’s super brief and typically describes either a high or low of our family’s day. It was an easy habit to add and I already love it because it keeps me writing and lets me “remember” what life is like at this stage for us. Here’s last night’s entry:

    January 17th
    2011 – I was in the mood to deep clean the kitchen. Recognizing that mood as a once-in-a-decade occurrence, I capitalized on it and spent the day scrubbing the grease and grime off every inch of the stovetop, oven, counters, toaster, etc. The cupboards all got cleaned out and reorganized. Dinner did NOT get made until 8:30 and I was so exhausted that after dinner I was a lump. But the toaster? Shiny.

  2. Weekly Review – On my computer, I follow some prompts, filling out whichever ones make sense for the week. I already love this, too, because it helps me reflect and re-focus for the week ahead. Something from last week’s entry:

    Enriching experiences or activities that I shared with my husband:
    Even though he gets home fairly late and leaves very early the next morning, two nights this week he used his precious free time to cuddle up on the couch with me and watch a movie. Blackbeard’s Ghost was straight out of his childhood and I thought it was hilarious.

    Other prompts I pick from (hat tip to J.A.!) :
    Topics or concerns about which I’ve been praying:

    Scriptures I have read this week and things I have learned:

    Answers to prayers or spiritual impressions I have had:

    Funny things my children said or memorable moments:

    Adventures or experiences I enjoyed with my children:

    Books I have enjoyed with my children or for myself:

    Developmental mile-stones I observed in my children:

    Exercise and other self-improvement experiences I have had:

    Recipes and meals that my family enjoyed this week:

  3. Spiritual Impressions – I found an unused Chemistry lab notebook that I’ve been keeping handy at church and during scripture study each day. I’ve written in it a handful of times already and it’s been very helpful to put pen to paper and actually articulate what I’m thinking. I star the items that will require action on my part (a thought to pray for someone, or offer help, or a thought to focus on a certain area of self-improvement, etc.)

All of the above seemed like easy and worthwhile things to add to my life. Now the true test: Will they stick?


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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