I’ve thought for years that I wanted to homeschool, but now that I’m formally teaching this girl how to read I’m getting a taste of what it will be like: laughter, tears, hard work, patience, yawning, high fiving.

It’s my favorite part of the day. Being there when she “gets” something and watching that first light of understanding in her eyes quickly turn to delight is indescribable.

I’m in, hook line and sinker.

Tangent: I have lots more photos to post but this one grabbed me straight out of the camera so up to SmugMug it went. We had a non-gray day today and I was loving the light that came in our sliding glass door. Time to start getting the camera out more often!


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Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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7 Responses to Sold

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love 100 Easy Lessons, so far I have taught 3 kids to read very well using it, and am currently working with my youngest daughter on it. My book no longer lays as nice as yours – it has seen LOTS of wear and tear! (School days at the beach, park, etc. Curriculum shares and just plain old dog earring the page! LOL!)


    • beanland says:

      I learned to read from the same book, actually! My mom took it to a copy store and had them spiral bind it into two volumes so it lays better. It held up pretty well after she taught her four kids, so I inherited it to teach my own kids.

      It’s a fantastic book. I love that you took it to the beach. Hehe.


  2. Liz says:

    I know, isn’t it SO fulfilling to be your child’s teacher? I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching my kiddos how to read. I’m sort of glad your Mom is too busy to continue with Logan’s reading lessons because I’m loving the bonding we experience during lesson time. Leia started Kumon Math workbooks a couple of weeks ago – she tells me multiple times a day now, “Let’s do math, Mama!”

    I like to think that they’re not only craving learning, but also the one-on-one time with me. 🙂

    PS I love that Mackenzie is wearing Leia’s old shirt! So darling!


  3. Laura says:

    I’m glad that you are loving it!


  4. Maya says:

    What book do you use? Is there a curriculum store that you buy from? I think he’s too young for formal reading, but Miles has learned a lot of his ABCs, so I’d be interested in doing maybe some more formal pre-reading work with him.


    • beanland says:

      Hey Maya,

      Sorry I left out all the details. I plan on posting more about it when I finish the book in another six weeks or so.

      After doing quite a bit of looking and asking successful homeschoolers, I’m convinced the best way to teach your child to read is to use Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. The great news is you can buy it anywhere, and it’s like 12 dollars. You don’t need anything beyond the one book.

      My experience with Mackenzie, briefly was:
      – She knew all her ABCs when she turned 2.
      – She has always loved being read to, so we’d go through books like water, but nothing else formal.
      – I started to teach her to read at 2 1/2 just because she was SO into books, but her attention span wasn’t long enough at that point so I dropped it.
      – I started again when she turned 3. It hasn’t been without challenges, but she’s ready and she loves it. It’s given her a lot of self-confidence and she’s better about trying hard things in other areas as well.
      – For future children, I will likely wait until they are 3 1/2.

      That’s exciting Miles is getting the ABC’s! For what it’s worth, if you’re doing this method you really shouldn’t be worrying about what sounds letters say. They’ll learn that as part of the structured lessons and the approach is pretty unique. It would be worthwhile to check out the book from the library and read through the intro so you know what you’re aiming for in terms of readiness (if you decide to go this route).


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