Time can be a scary thing when you have little children.


Sometimes, when my 3 year old wakes up talking a mile a minute at 7am, and her stream of questions picks up speed before she even leaves her room, the 13 hours of single parenting left before bedtime seem endless.

Other times, I spend the whole morning getting everyone clean, changed out of pajamas, fed, and out the door for a 30 minute music class down the street. Then I return with just enough time to get everyone fed, cleaned (again because now they have had the chance to spill or spit up both breakfast and lunch on themselves), and changed back into pajamas for a nap. Gazing in amazement at the sink full of dishes and growing stack of laundry, I’m left wondering where the time could have possibly gone.


Sometimes, one solitary minute changes me at my core. Like the 60 seconds Mackenzie (3) spent climbing into my lap and, with her arms wrapped around my neck, recounting her latest adventure with Bert. Her words came out in a blur and she was off and running again before I could blink, but those noodle arms and sing-song voice swept away two hours of you-should-be-napping frustration and I resolved to be more patient with my sweet girl.

Other times, entire days will be swallowed up trying to accomplish a single simple goal. Like the week I recently spent trying to get out the door to the grocery store and failing every single day until we were left eating homemade bread and applesauce for dinner on back-to-back nights. Sure I wiped a lot of noses and read lots of stories in that time, but a whole slew of days passed and I just seemed to spin my wheels (metaphorically, of course, the car wheels were quite stationary).


Just when I manage to wrap my head around the passage of time and live “in the moment”, plodding or fleeting though it may be, Time goes and pulls something so totally heinous it knocks the air out of my lungs.

I’m pretty sure this was yesterday:

Caitlyn, 6 months ago

There’s just no way my baby looks like this:

Caitlyn, 2 weeks ago

… and don’t even get me started on how last week my only daughter was toddling aimlessly around an apple orchard:

Mackenzie, 18 months ago

And now she is a responsible, compassionate big sister:

Mackenzie, 2 weeks ago


Don’t get me wrong, I love that my daughters are growing up.

I just wish it wouldn’t happen so fast.

Or slowly, depending on the day.


About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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5 Responses to Alarming

  1. Meg Larsen says:

    Amen. To the entire post. You have captured my sentiments in their entirety. If I could just copy paste this onto my blog except swapping out pictures of your cute girls for my two kid variety pack, I’d be set….


  2. denise says:

    so true! I especially love the last part about them growing up too fast or too slow depending on the day!

    I love the recent pic of Caitlyn. She is so cute!!! And growing up too fast!!


  3. Lori Walker says:

    Annie, your girls are so cute! And yes, time does fly by when they are little and they grow so fast. But there are days when it seems you will be doing this forever. I guarantee you, you won’t. So enjoy all those hugs, and questions and spit-ups and trips to the grocery store, and reading stories, etc, etc, etc. They will come to an end eventually…..and then you get to start over with the grandkids, which is even more fun!


  4. Mom says:

    I read something that I think expresses this so well, “The days are long but the years are fast.”
    Seems like the days are so busy and sometimes hard to get through with small children. But you blink and they are grown up and having children of their own.


  5. Lonica says:

    Said exactly right. Thanks for sharing.


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