Capturing life as we now know it

Things are changing fast around here. Nothing earth-shaking, just the day by day shifting that happens with young children.

I find myself stopping every so often and just looking closely at my girls’ faces. Mackenzie is getting more freckles. Caitlyn’s teeth are threatening to appear (finally) and she has a new mischievous glint in her eye now that she’s able to thoroughly explore the house.

So I don’t forget:

  • Mackenzie says her name properly now. No more “Mah-sen-zie”. When she first started saying her name, it was “sessee” and it slowly improved. I wasn’t sure we’d ever get a “ck” out of her though, and one day she sounded out her name and it clicked.
  • I was immediately happy for her, then just as quickly I was wistful.
  • She still says “yen” instead of “then” and “mind” instead of “mine” and she drops the beginning “s” on most words. Queaky instead of squeaky, for instance.
  • I’ll take what I can get. 🙂
  • She reads everything she can get her hands on and when I’m not directly supervising, she can go on endlessly guessing at the pronunciation of an unfamiliar word. It’s repeated over and over again with different inflections as she tries to convince herself of the correct answer. This continues until I throw her a lifeline.
  • Probably as a direct result of all the reading Mackenzie has been doing, she has taken to telling very complex stories, which include dialog and invented characters with rich backstories.
  • Her shyness has greatly diminished and she announced to the pediatrician with great pride that she ate her oatmeal without spilling on her shirt that morning. He congratulated her sincerely.
  • Caitlyn loves to run her fingers through Scott’s hair, and as the pediatrician was talking with Mackenzie, Caitlyn surreptitiously reached out and did the same to him.
  • Caitlyn is learning what she can and cannot touch in the house. When I tell her something is off limits, she obeys but immediately sets about to approach the object from a different angle, as if that will make a difference. Yesterday she kept getting Scott’s shoes, dutifully letting go when I corrected her, then turning in a full circle for a fresh try at them.
  • Caitlyn loves to swing her legs. My days are full with rhythmic thudding of her heels. I put in some long gardening hours lately (more on that later) and she happily watched and swung her legs from her high chair near me outside for over an hour.
  • Next to swinging her legs, her favorite thing to do is wave fistfuls of cooked green beans around. I don’t know what the appeal is there, but she really gets going whipping them around in a circle. Naturally, I let her do that while I gardened for another hour. Our backyard is now a green bean graveyard.

About beanland

Scott is a family practice doctor and Anne is a full-time mother and teacher to three beautiful girls and one boy.
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